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You And Me lyrics

We traced the outline of our summer cloud
Blow our wishes to it and wave goodbye, for now
And then we wander through the streets of London Town

You, you and me
You, you and me

Sometimes the distance has been hard to bare
I lay awake in hotels wishing you were there
I slowly drift off, trying to find your beating heart

You, you and me
You, you and me

We are our crosswords, since you're away
There will be sparks and splinters
Still at our crosswords, every day
But it doesn't really matter just as long as there is you and me

Ooh, ooh - ooh ooh ooh
Ooh, ooh - ooh ooh ooh
You, you and me
You, you and me

It's take a risk, sell everything we own
Buy ourselves a caravan, make it down to Spain
And every evening, we'll sit and count the stars

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