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Manhattan lyrics

Summer journeys to niagra

And to other places aggra-

Vate all our cares.

Well save our fares!

Ive a cozy little flat in

What is known as old manhattan

Well settle down

Right here in town!

Well have manhattan

The bronx and staten

Island too.

Its lovely going through

The zoo!

Its very fancy

On old delancy

Street you know.

The subway charms us so

When balmy breezes blow

To and fro.

And tell me what street

Compares with mott street

In july?

Sweet pushcarts gently gli-ding by.

The great big citys a wonderous toy

Just made for a girl and boy.

Well turn manhattan

Into an isle of joy!

Well go to yonkers

Where true love conquers

In the whiles

And starve together dear, in chiles

Well go to coney

And eat baloney on a roll

In central park well stroll

Where our first kiss we stole

Soul to soul

And ''my fair lady'' is a terrific show they say

We both may see it close, some day

The citys glamour can never spoil

The dreams of a boy and goil

Well turn manhattan

Into an isle of joy!

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