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Shadows of My Memory lyrics

I cry in anger
I cry in pain
I lose my bearings
can´t break the chain

once i heard that wonders never cease
let me get my second wind please
do i have to burn my boats behind ?
Do i have to break the ice in mind ?

just let me see the daylight now
and find the ways and means to carry on somehow

no smoke without fire
no love without pain
only the memories remain
it tears at my heartstrings
a past reverie
the shadows of my memory

i eat my heart out
day out, day in
go rack to ruin
cause i´m all in

did i burn the candles at both ends ?
Cannot tell when all got out of hand
all i feel is trapped in daily round
how can i get out here safe and sound


now, i see daylight now
in this evil hour
i´m weathering the storm
when my ship comes home

for a fleeting moment in a dream
i am changing horses in midstream
heaven only knows
where the journey...goes

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