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M.F. Power lyrics

Stop, step back as I damage your brain
Heart have an attackbut can ya take thepain
I´m going lowso where ya gonna go
What are you gonna do? Comin´from the stow you know
We´er comin´for true andthe mic is in my handjust like a sawn offboom boom bang
I´ll take your head offdon´t try to step to the stage
I´m in a rage
Cut you down to the floor and make the front page
Love ain´t nothing but mother f***in´power
Kids on the corner gotta new role model
Rizzla called skins
Swigging lager from da bottle
Hanging out in stolen cars, behind bars
A year later
They´re out on the street
They´re selling drugs to get by
Peddling, pushingcall it what you will
They get highsome wanna killanother life before it´s begun
You gotta warn ém quick before it´s done
Love ain´t nothing but mother f***in´powerborn with a spoon in your mouthfrom your mother torn
They should have never pulled you out
I´m notflowin´with the flavour
That I gave ya for fun
I´m just explodin´on the microphone
Unloading like a gun
I´m like a demon devil rebelwith the level and the treblenever slowing or stoppingor dropping lines like a beginner
I´m a 12" boar todayand I can blow you away (3x)Love ain´t nothing but mother f***in´power.

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East 17 - M.f. power lyrics
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