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Salvaje (Untouchable) lyrics

I drive with Lemmy down Woodland Hills
You know it's feeling good, it's overkill
We're smoking, drinking, singing to "Snakebite Love"
We're jokin', laughin' man I can't get enough

It feels so good
Like it should

Me siento libre
Sin miedo
Sin miedo

The record's coming out
I'm back on the road
It's what I love the most
It's overload
I see the fans, my friends
It feels like family
It's what I'm living for
You know what I mean

'Cos it's feeling good
Like it should


I take you with me wherever I go

Me siento libre
Sin miedo
Libre intocable
Sin miedo
Libre salvaje sin miedo
Libre intocable sin miedo
Libre intocable

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