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Motherf*cking Pterodactyl lyrics

He is, the motherf***ing Pterodactyl
Here to, tear you a new, ass hole

[Verse 1]
Yes it's true, he ate ten thousand (10,000) lightning bugs
Kissing his, bowls like a million hugs
He shat them out, one phosphorescent night
Painting it like Christmas lights


[Verse 2]
Yes it's true, his plumage is the best in town
All the hoes, touch his sexy pteroid bone oh
Yes he do, put the t-rex to shame
His p**** arms, on that p**** frame


[Verse 3]
Yes it's true, he enjoys his hobbies too
He smokes his pipe, roller blades and finds ladies to woh oh
Yes it's true, he rode with a triassic too
That includes, Lystrosaurus and Plateosaurus too
ou ou ou


[Verse 4]
He is awkward on the floor
His feet are shit and his balance quite poor
He hooked up with a grizzly bear
They made love under the sea and everywhere

Yes that bear, gave birth to a motherf***ing bear-odactyle
Who just might tear you a new
So be ware motherf***ers be ware


Remember him
Remember his song
Remember his tire iron and his enchanting thong

He's a motherf***ing Pterodactyl

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