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Mimi's Song lyrics

You know tonight is a very important night
For me for a number of reasons
My little girl is here tonight
And I don't think you understand
What it's like being the daughter of
Someone who's always gone
It's kind of scary and it's kind of lonely
And I guess she thinks to herself sometimes
"Is mummy ever going ever gonna come home?"
And so my daughter looked up at me
Last week and she said "mummy
When are you just gonna stay home
One day and be with me"?
And so it kinda struck me funny
And I didn't realize that I hadn't spent
Anytime with her for a long time
So I sat down and wrote down this song
After she went to bed
And I told her tonight when it was bedtime
I would sing her son

I bet you ask yourself
Why I'm never there
It's not because I like being away
You see I've made a spectacle of myself
And it seems that the whole world needs me
I understand when you cry alone
And mama's not there to wipe your eyes
You see it's only because
I'm out being someone to make you cry

I got a little letter
And I read it on the plane
And in my heart I felt a funny kind of pain
I wish that I could be there
To touch your face again

Mimi you're beautiful
Mimi you're mine
And other things that I do in my life
Seem to take up all your precious time

There's so much I long to say
So much more I long to do
But I guess it's all just have to wait
Till I can get to see you

Mimi you're mine
Oh, Mimi you're mine
Oh, Mimi you fill my life

You fill my life with so much love
Cause you're beautiful
And you love me
And you'll understand

Mimi it's bedtime say Goodnight

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