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Street Life lyrics

Wish everybody would leave me alone - yeah
They're always calling on my telephone
When I pick it up there's no one there
So I walk outside just to take the air

Come on with me cruising down the street
Who knows what you'll see, who you might meet
This brave new world's not like yesterday -
It can take you higher than the milky way

Now I'm blinded I can't really see - yeah
No more bright lights confusing me - no
Don't ask me why I'm feeling blue
'Cause loving you is all I can do

Hey good-looking boys - gather around
The sidewalk papers gutter-press you down
All those lies can be so unkind,
They can make you feel like you're losing your mind

Street Life
Street Life
Street Life
What a Life

Back to nature boys - Vasser girls too
Watch what you say, or think, or do
Continental-style strasse girls might
But you know exactly if it's wrong or right

Education is an important key - yes
But the good life's never won by degrees - no
Pointless passing through Harvard or Yale
Only window shopping - it's strictly no sale

Week end starts Friday soon after eight
Your jet black magic helps you celebrate
You may be stranded if you stick around
And that's really something...

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