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Don't Let Go lyrics

I know that look in your eyes,
I don't wanna say good night
Do anything to change your mind
Try to make you see the light
You turn your back and still I say
Anything to make you stay
Put up walls make our love break,
Try to hide your love away

I'm standing here, you're giving me nothing
Try to feel your heart beat through the door

Hold on, hold on
It's what I'm doing
So strong, so strong
What I'm feeling it's
Too much, too much
Don't let go, don't let go

There's something that you're going through
Wish that I could fix for you
You don't have to be alone,
I don't wanna let you go

I'm standing here, you're giving me nothing
Try to hear your heart break through the door
Call it love, call it what you want to
It's the only thing that matters any more


Some days are cold, but together
One day will both change the weather
And it gets better


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