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The Phoenix Reborn lyrics

Trademark the revolution.
Swallow your sin and bury your soul.
This is your retribution.
The end of all that you know.
We come as we are.
We are what you're not.
We come as we are.
We are what you're not.
So let the fire rise.
You can't escape me.
I am the air that fills your lungs.
You are the disease, but I'm immune to all you've done.
Take back what's ours.
Take back.
We're taking back this world.
So say your goodbyes.
We're at an all out war.
The world won't survive.
But I'll choose how I die tonight.
So say you're alive one last time.
And let the fire rise.
Rise rise rah rise.
Wipe the ashes from your eyes and rise rise rah rise.
Every end is a start's disguise.
We're holding on to tomorrow.
The day our flag will ascent.
We are the voice of the hollow.
We are the start of your end.

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