Hallejuah Anyhow lyrics - Clay Evans

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Hallejuah Anyhow lyrics

Hallejuah, anyhow
Don't let your troubles get you down
satan blocks your way
Stand right up and say
Hallejuah, anyhow


VAMP: Hallejuah, (Hallejuah)
Hallejuah, (Hallejuah)
Hallejuah anyhow, (Hallejuah, anyhow)
Hallejuah, anyhow

Altos: Hallejuah (3x)

Tenors: Hallejuah (3x)
Bass: Hallejuah (3x)

Sopranos: Hallejuah anyhow (3x)

Hallejuah, anyhow, anyhow, anyhow

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