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Without You lyrics

Woah woahh

Have I been blind?
For the first time in my life I feel I've opened up my eyes
Since you've arrived like an angel from the sky
I'm on a spiritual high

So don't you ever go away
I could never face
Losing you would give my faith
In a higher place

What kind of world
Would it be without you
I couldn't breathe without you here
What kind of world
Would I see without you
I can't dream without you here

Yeah woah yeah

Beautiful boy
How on earth did I do something worth deserving you?
My better half
How I cherish through and through every part of you
I do

Loving you's made me hope
Now I belong
I found my heart
Promise me we'll always stay
The way we are today

What kind of world
Would it be without you
I couldn't breathe without you here
What kind of world
Would I see without you
I can't dream without you here


I can't ever imagine
If this never would happened
I thank God everyday
Almost lost you forever
But I always remember (remember)
That you're my saving grace

What kind of world
(what kind of world)
Would it be without you
(oh without you)
I couldn't breathe without you here
(ohh here)
What kind of world
(what kind of world)
Would I see without you
(oh see without you)
I can't dream without you here
(dream without you here)

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