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Cruz lyrics

I'm leaving today
Living it, leaving it to change

Slowly drifting into a peaceful breeze
Tounge tied and twisted are all my memories
Celebrating a fantasy come true
Packing all my bags
Finally on the move

I'm leaving today
I'm living it, I'm leaving it to change

As I'm driving, I'm captured by the view
So much beauty, the road becomes my muse
The heat is rising, and my hand surfs through the wind
Cool, calm, collective as a child that lies within

See I'm leaving today
I'm living it, oh I'm leaving it to change
See I'm leaving today
Oh yes, I'm living it, I'm leaving it to change
But somehow I'll miss it
I think I'll really miss it, one day

I turn up the radio
And I'm feeling like Ive never felt before
Turn down the memories of yesteryears and broken dreams
I bring, finally free(Ooo)

Slowly drifting into a peaceful breeze...
Oh yeah!

I'm leaving today
Oh yes, I'm living it(oh yeah), leaving it to change(to change)
Oh no, see I'm leaving today(oh yes)
I'm living it(living it)
Leaving to change(ohhh)
I'm leaving today
Living it, leaving to change
Living(to change), leaving to change(oh yeah)
Living it, leaving it
Said I'm living it, I'm leaving it
Living it, leaving it to change
I'm leaving it to change
But somehow I'll miss it, I think I'll really miss it one day

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