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War Inside My Head lyrics

War inside my head
War inside my head
War inside my head
War inside my head

War inside my head ain't a pretty sight
But I don't want no sympathy
It's happened a thousand times before
It's just a harsh reality

War inside my head-can you sense it
War inside my head-can you see it
War inside my head-can you feel it
War inside my head-
Can you see the-pain
Can you hear the-pain
Can you sense the-pain
Can you help the-pain
Can you fix the-pain
Can you feel the-pain
The only thing real is the way I feel
Can you hear the war inside my head
And there ain't nowhere to hide

And that's the pain that's deep inside
The battle from within is gonna begin,
where´s nowhere to hide.

War inside my head every night and day
I never get no piece of mind
It ought to be a sin, I just can't win
And pure hell is all I find

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