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Damage Beyond Repair lyrics

Broken down to a deep despair,
I'm damaged way beyond repair...
Fed up, drink up just one more shot.
Fall down, beat up by warm cuts.

Fists are broken,
Times running out...
The scars of yesterday.
Reflection in the mirror, destroying day by day.

Reach out for light,
Stop the whispering,
You’re ok down there....
You lust for progress.
Wont retreat and
The wounds are everywhere.

You try to fade away...in the night
And seal your bleeding heart.
To be a human, broke, never seemed so dark!

Sit down and drown..in the surf,
To the shore, let go and die.
Stop fighting it and say your final goodbye!

The problem is, I'm gone but no one knows!
Walk up under living shadows,
Dancing with the dead!
Same old reason, dead, but no one knows!
Hear the funeral bell going off that’s how the story goes!

Waiting for the dark…
Their placing a rescue while you drift.
Away from the walls so cold.
A monkey on his final walk of truth.

Wasting!…Time breathing!
Razor! Screams my heart!

That’s how the story goes!!!

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