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The Real Thang lyrics

[Verse 1]
I gotta be honest
Bragging was really not the mission
Only way that they'll listen excuse me if you hear a contradiction
Yea I had a chick and
She had gave me a proposition
She was in love till I told her French ain't my type of kissin'
Them execs was dissin when I walked into that Def Jam audition
Should've threw my watch in they face and then said it's time to listen
Record label switching
Grinding 'cause I didn't have a pot to piss in
Feeling like I was fishin'
It was eating my food inside the kitchen
Before the second album
Sophomore jinx was just superstition
Who would've known that they would've been right
But I ain't tripping
Trying to be an artist
While they repaint the composition
I need recognition
Recognize ain't no competition

They said we wouldn't make it
But now they copying the style that they said would never blow wasn't no complaining
And now it seems like everywhere I go
Steady crawling
On them 4s (still crawling)
On them 4s (still balling)
On them 4s Still crawling on 4s mayne
On them 4s (still crawling)
On them 4s (still balling)
On them 4s
You can copy but you'll never ever be the real thing

[Verse 2]
Trying to hit 'em with some knowledge
They gon' respond and say it's garbage
If I say my cars is
Candy they tell ya he the hardest
Look at how you boys is
Talking bout cars in they garages
They just mirages if you believe 'em
You're retarded
I'm gonna grind regardless
Step in your castle steal your crown
Gotta give a pound
KJ and Nancy they still around
And I'm still the deepest
Spend my thesis you still will drown
And that XXL dude that said I would fail
Can't get a digit or live it how could you even grade me
I'm the one who pay me
Personally give me money daily
Completely crazy
Talk to the streets the streets obey me
Go ahead and hate me
I don't give a 'F' like Weezy baby
The Cadillac looking cocky they set a standard to stop me
Swagger jackers that copy I think ya swagger is sloppy
I was just a child in the streets till I let Universal adopt me
But now I feel like I'm the man
If they ever plannin' to drop me
A kitchen drawer wit the flow
'cause I'm sharp as a utensil
Bring any writer I promise I'll break him like a pencil
Any instrumental
Rappers can't keep up with my mental
'cause they mental's simple
While my mental is monumental
Been had potential
Follow me cause of what I went through
While haters jock me
Copy my image like a stencil
Don't try to jack me
Give a message to those that sent you
I bet the pistol show up in ya face like it's a dimple
Smile, cha cha power!


[Verse 3]
Should've betted in my chain
That I'm better than the game
I don't mean the rapper I mean every rapper that's in the game
This the little internet nerd that you say that I gotta prove it to
Alicia Keys
Keyshia Cole
Oh! My dough is beautiful
I throw three thousand in the air just to snap a Polaroid
Chamillinate anybody moving you're so destroyed
Say I'm dissin if you don't know the half
I'm digital download with the dough
You do the math
My money move I get statements so I can view my dollars
A one then a zero
Zero be leapin' all the commas
I can poke I promise
Baby look dope as Pocahontas
In the Bahamas
Counting money in my pajamas

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