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Dust Of Paradise lyrics

Walking away behind the mirror of nighttime.
I'm coming home.
Sailing to you aboard a ship of phantoms.
Am I the only one?
Is this a dream, is it a nightmare?
What can I do?
Slipping away, I'm falling from this lifeline,
I'm coming home to you.

Back from Hell again
I can take you there....

I've fought with an ancient beast that lived inside me
I'm coming home
A casket of stars surrounds this blackened and lost soul
Am I the only one?
Again and Again, Yeah one more last time
I'm coming home
Walking into a golden mirror of sunshine
I'm coming home to you

Farewell last sunrise
You can take me
Where the solemn angel rides
Through the Dust of Paradise

Walk with me through the Dust of Paradise - My friend
See my world, Where the Ghosts of life are sent again
Release your soul from this mortal coil of life - My friend
See yourself in the Mirror of Beginning again........
The End ?!?!?

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