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You Are My Destiny lyrics

You gave my heart a glimpse of your light
No more chasing dreams into the night
There's a new horizon calling like an endless symphony
Now it's time to wipe away these tears
Gotta try and challange all my fears
Take a chance and live my life full of energy

You are my destiny
Together with you I'm on a high adventure
Love is what I'm searching for
In a time when we need
All the hope in the world
You're my destiny
The moment is here for me to find this treasure
No feelings to betray
Nothing can stand in my way

Walking down the road of no return
Full of lonely trails that always burn
I will never be so blind
Cause all I need is you
I believe in giving all my heart
Every breath I take feels like a new start
Inspiration lives forever
Deep inside I know it's true

You are my destiny...

And when I sail into troubled waters
I take it all in stride
I am free cause I know you're here by my side

You are my destiny...

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