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Watch Closely Now lyrics

Watch closely now
You'll observe a curious exchange of energy
Are you a figment of my imagination
Or I one of yours?

Watch closely now - are you watching me now?
Your eyes are like fingers
They're touching my body and arousing my soul
Ridin' the passion arisin' inside me
How high can I go?
You're comin' with me girl
I'm gonna show you how
When it's scary, don't look down

Watch closely now - are you watching me now?
I see the hunger arise in your eyes and it's a-urging me on
Higher and harder and faster and farther
Than I've ever gone
You're comin' closer lady
Don't ya leave me now
We're gonna make it
Don't look down

Maybe I'm takin' me too many chances
With no net at all
Maybe I'll teach you at least that
You've got to be free when you fall

Watch closely now - are you watching me now?
I'm the master magician, who's setting you free
From the lies you've been told
When they're breaking your back
Bring your last straw to me
I turn straw into gold
I'm gonna need you later
When you're not around
But I can take it
Don't look down

Watch closely now
Are you watching me now?...

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Carola - Watch closely now lyrics
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