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They Deserve To Die lyrics

Violence is legitimate is causes such as this
Cruel retribution is fitting
Vengeance will be dealt out with ruthless iron fist
Worthless filth recieve no mercy

They deserve to die
They deserve to die

Plans have been completed
And the time is drawing near
Punishment will be relentless

They deserve to die
They deserve to die

Vacuous faces hammered into mash
Beaten senseless, sense they never had
Merciless smashing shatters teeth and bone
Ignorance earned every crushing blow

Killing has just started
And my lust for blood will grow
Justice will be found in murder
Stupid as they are they didn't know
The seeds they'd sown
Grew into my savage hatred

They deserve to die
They deserve to die

Skull is fractured by the pounding
Eyes dislodging from their sockets
Brains spill out, the skull is split through
Mind vacent, now cranium too

Guilty thoughs will not infect me
Soulless scum recieve no pitty

Deceptive tounges hewn by my blade
Forked like a snake now on the ground they lay
They had no conscience so there is no loss
For my redemption there must be a cost

They deserve to die
They deserve to die

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