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Keepin' It Tight lyrics

Yeah Flipmode Squad
Yeah their ain't nothing iller
Busta Rhymes got another killer
Niggas be getting all in playing Cee Lo
We be getting money at casinos
Gamble my money like gambinos
Scarface through like appachino
Now my pockets got muscles like Lou Farigno
Got the hot shit
Big up my nigga Premo
Stack loot with my nigga Dino and Enno (Julio)
Spliff and my other nigga Chico
Uno dos tres quatro cinco (Gimme five)
Count from ten all the way back to zero
Set it off rep. from here to Puerto Rico
Run in the bitches makes me black and Filipino
Trick in the hide or on the niko
Caught the round trip to Santo Domingo
My nigga Spliff criminal like Max Remo
Thug think he loud then show me your hero
Nigga tried to play me on the dealo
Tried to short me couple gram on the D-Low
Thought we didn't know better oh yeah we know
Stepping them niggas for what its gon be yo
Niggas spend money and f*** a preshow
Your name was shorty who whip in a little Geo
Dare and look niggas get left by the sea show
Lock up a nigga and sabotage the keyhole

Alright y'all (Alright)
You know we keepin it tight y'all (Real tight wha)
That's how we doin it (Ha, that's how we doin it)
That's how we doin it (Yeah, that's how we doin it)
Alright y'all (Alright)
You know we wildin all night y'all (All night y'all)
That's how we doin it (Ha, that's how we doin it)
That's how we doin it (Yeah, that's how we doin it)

Yo, guess who coming through for dinner (Who)
Busta Rhymes bringing another winner
Coming with another all night thriller (Yo yo)
Shit bang through your bass kicker
Don't want the hot shit to boil you move quicker
Should've made the club crowd a little thicker
Nigga in a club fronting like a killer
You ain't eating my nigga you lookin thinner
Now you a sinner a partier beginner
You better off if dance to who got the keys to my beamer
You a killer but you never pulled a trigger
How that calculate money yo how you figure
Yo, another homerun hitter my nigga
Yo we ain't over hit you with a refiller
We keep it moving never label me a quitter
Flipmode baby you could call me flipper
She wildin we wildin along with her
My nigga put me on told me she a stripper
Fronting like he don't really wanna be with her
He told me handle my business cause he already did her
He says she used to be Lucy babysitter
F*** a sloppy second hit the highest bidder for realla
Keep the champagne in the chiller
Keep it cold while I hit you with another wig-splitter

[Chorus (2x):]

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