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Claustrophobic Agnostic Dead lyrics

Finally, dying day come and gone,
Inside your grave you lay at the break of dawn,
Now you find, your soul hasn't left this hallowed ground,
Spirit screams for judgment but makes no sound
Agnostic beliefs when you had been living,
Beg for judgment and the gods to be forgiving,
Physical body rots but not your soul,
Verdict limbo, eternally stuck within this hole,

Down to where the damned dead dwell,
Never to see heaven or hell,
Death has given a cursed touch,
A cold casket you externally clutch
Claustrophobic Agnostic [4X]

Externally, trying to break but there's no hope,
For heaven, or hell you wearily grope,
Inside this box, blackness is all you see,
Claustrophobic, you cannot ever be free,
If alive, you would change your ways,
Promise faith, and pray for days & days,
No longer, a living mortal being,
Fate sealed, perpetual darkness all you're seeing.

[(repeat) pre-chorus/chorus (repeat)]

Blackness overwhelms - the odor of your rot,
Laying for ever within - a cemetery plot,
Hopelessness eternal companion - fills you with mortal dread,
Salvation never comes - claustrophobic agnostic dead.

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