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Allah U Akbar lyrics

Verse One: Sadat X

This is the stick up boom music for styles to flow free

But y'all know it's me or could you tell by the spree

The deuce crew of the new, yeah makes the whole shit clear yeah

Give the question, I'm tired of brothers guessin

The Nubian brought the X a lot of fame

But wouldn't it be a shame if it all up and ended

That ain't the plan I had and shit like that ain't intended

For the slick headed wonder, wearer of saggy pants

Old school kicker, reviver of the circumstance

Got a backpack with a fat stack of fac

I got a three-oh, so P.O. step back

I'm with the uptown baldies, kids that were Lords

Kick for kids that's paid, I kick for kids with no funds

Whole blocks come for classes kids with contacts kids with glasses

Hardrock punks crack heads and even trunks

want to know the truth, so they flock to my roof

New York I got the grip, I told ya I told ya

This means war, as if by Sister Souljah

To think that the X would ever take a fall

After gettin all of this, man you're crazy

The only way I'd fall is if I got fat and lazy

And I won't cause I work real hard

Wake up in the morning at the hour of God and make beats

Later hit the streets for some forty-fifth sweets

So all y'all been told, black youth essential

From the hard urban blocks of Now Rule residential

That the God, rocks real hard

Verse Two: Lord Jamar

God damn right, the L-O-are-D, J-A-M-A-are

Says peace and Allah you Akbar

Back like a motherf***in head to crack

Brand Nubian tracks are filled with black facts

Now I ain't Humpty Dumpty chump, see

I ain't fallin, you can go call in

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Try to knock me off you never see another day again

My seven-twenty-one-fourteen's ready

And my scope with the laser beam steady

So if you're feeling lucky, then come and catch a buck

How could I kill a man, well I just don't give a f***, so

Check out the dreadlock, make the dead rock

With my baldhead, aiyyo like the top ten

We're bound to win, cause God don't like ugly

You get slugged rushed raped robbed and mugged G

I don't want to be the man, I just want to make jams

Cuttin sharp like Edward Scissorhands

It's ninety-two and of course we grew seeds

they're planted like a farmer, so let's reap what we sew

And if you're thinking that we're a hoe in the game

We gettin wreck to your brain

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