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Field of Dreams lyrics - Blitzkrieg

See the full Field of Dreams lyrics from Blitzkrieg. Field of Dreams lyrics belongs on the album Unholy Trinity. Learn every word of your favourite song and get the meaning or start your own concert tonight :-). Rate this song's lyrics. Uploaded by Billye Hawbaker. Use it for personal and educational purposes only. Listen to these sick beats by Blitzkrieg.

Song Field of Dreams video
Blitzkrieg - Field of Dreams video

Field of Dreams lyrics

It seems that we're so lucky, but is it what it seems?
Do you think that you can hold on to your dreams?
We're searching for the answer, but time is running out,
For the Children who will die in search of Truth,
We hear their voices calling, they scream across the sky.

And I'll find my Field of Dreams,
Where we all can stand as one,
We'll discover what it means to be each other.

They point at one another, and won't accept the blame,
Don't you think that we can reach out with our hearts?
We scan the skies for people, of another race and creed,
When we find them, will we call them Friend or Foe?
They hear our voices calling, will they come out of the sky?

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