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My Way To Asgaard lyrics

Please do not move that hard
And it will be better
All your pain will soon be over
I promise that

Now you are going to die
But I'll stay at your side
Have no fear my dearest warrior
All will be well

I feel the pain
My strength is leaving
Blood covers me
I feel my wounds
And I can not move

What will be now
Where (do) I have to go
I feel so cold
Tears are running
Down my face

You have been watched very close
Ravens' eyes did follow
Every day of your sweet life
You were so brave

So you were chosen to stay
At the side of Odhinn
To his castle in the clouds
I'll bring you there

Father Odhinn
I am your son
I'm proud of it
My whole life
I lived by your rules

Close your eyes and take my hand
Let me cool your face
Feel my soft embrace

All the tension will be gone
When you follow me
Let your soul be free

Now it's time to come with me
Leave your burden here
Feel my soft embrace

I close my eyes
And I feel my strength
Pain turns to pride
I leave my body
To come with you

Father, I'll be at your side
To the halls of Valhalla we ride
My sword and my soul
Will be forever yours
You have chosen me
For the holy battle
Odhinn I'will promise you
I will die only by your side

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