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The Green Maid lyrics

Green shades of the elven wood
Covers her face so pale
Those eyes like a stars in the night
Her hair like a golden flame
Gods of wisdom and fortune
Have blessed her with their gifts
no earthly creature can ever reach
A beauty like hers
Young elven knights come to her
There's so much love to share
But still she's awaiting the one
The one with a mortal way

They meet in the shadows
No eyes will see their embrace
Again she's awaiting he to come
She's so desperate her heart can't lay

The evil has lurked in the realm
Dark creatures have come with the death
When black blade reaches her heart
And all the life is gone
He has lost his everything
Pain and agony, that's all left now on
Way of the fate is cruel
Through tears he curses his gods

With grief he left those woods
His sorrow turns to hate
By his blood he swears the oath
He will fight it's never too late

All his sacrifices
Can't be for nothing
Way of the sword
Is the price they'll have to pay
Her endless beauty
Stays forever in his heart
Her soul now in Mandos
But his love will never be gone

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