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Song lyrics by The Saints. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like The Saints. Get one of the 56 lyrics and watch the video by artist The Saints.

The Saints lyrics Video Album
(I'm) Misunderstood LyricsEternally Yours
(I´m) Stranded Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
A Minor Aversion LyricsEternally Yours
All Times Through Paradis LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Always, Always LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Angel LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Brisbane (Security City) LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Church Of Indifference LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Crazy Googenheimer Blues LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Demolition Girl Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
Down The Drain LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Erotic Neurotic Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
Every Day´s A Holiday, Every Night´s A Party LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Everything´s Fine LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Ghost Ships LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Heavy Metal LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Imagination LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
In The Mirror LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
International Robots LyricsEternally Yours
It´s Only Time LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Kissin' Cousins Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
Know Your Product LyricsEternally Yours
Let´s Pretend LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Lost And Found LyricsEternally Yours
Memories Are Made Of This LyricsEternally Yours
Messin' With The Kid Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
Miss Wonderful LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Monkeys LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Mystery Dream LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
New Centre Of The Universe LyricsEternally Yours
Nights In Venice Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
No Time Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
No, Your Product LyricsEternally Yours
One Way Street Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
Orstralia LyricsEternally Yours
Paradise LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Photograph LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Private Affair LyricsEternally Yours
Run Down LyricsEternally Yours
Save Me LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Security LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Simple Love LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Somebody LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
Someone To Tell Me LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Story Of Love Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
Swing For The Crime LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Take This Heart Of Mine LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
The Ballad LyricsThe Monkey Puzzle
The Chameleon LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
The Hour LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
The Prisoner LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
This Perfect Day LyricsEternally Yours
This Time LyricsPrehistoric Sounds
Untitled LyricsEternally Yours
Walk Away LyricsA Little Madness To Be Free
Wild About You Lyrics(I´m) Stranded
The Saints lyrics Video Album

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