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Song lyrics by The Partisans. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like The Partisans. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist The Partisans.

The Partisans lyrics Video Album
17 Years Of Hell LyricsPolice Story
5 Am LyricsIdiot Nation
All Turned Out The Same LyricsIdiot Nation
Anger And Fear LyricsTime Was Right
Arms Race LyricsPolice Story
Bastards In Blue LyricsPolice Story
Blind Ambition LyricsTime Was Right
Celebrity LyricsIdiot Nation
Change LyricsTime Was Right
Classified Info Lyrics
Come Clean LyricsTime Was Right
Dont Blame Us LyricsPolice Story
Fire LyricsPolice Story
Hypervalue LyricsIdiot Nation
Hysteria Lyrics
I Dont Give A F*** LyricsPolice Story
I Never Needed You LyricsTime Was Right
Keep On LyricsIdiot Nation
Killing Machine LyricsPolice Story
Mindless Violence LyricsPolice Story
No One Asked Us LyricsIdiot Nation
No Satisfaction LyricsIdiot Nation
No U Turns LyricsPolice Story
No Time LyricsPolice Story
Only 21 LyricsTime Was Right
Overdose LyricsPolice Story
Partisans LyricsPolice Story
Police Story LyricsPolice Story
Put Your Money LyricsPolice Story
Reality TV LyricsIdiot Nation
So Neat Lyrics
That Girl LyricsIdiot Nation
The Money Rolls In LyricsTime Was Right
This Town LyricsIdiot Nation
Time Was Right LyricsTime Was Right
What I Want LyricsIdiot Nation
White Flag LyricsTime Was Right
The Partisans lyrics Video Album

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