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Song lyrics by The Moffatts. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like The Moffatts. Get one of the 50 lyrics and watch the video by artist The Moffatts.

The Moffatts lyrics Video Album
A Little Something LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
All I Have Is A Dream Lyrics
Always In My Heart LyricsSubmodalities
Antifreeze And Aeroplanes LyricsSubmodalities
Bang Bang Boom LyricsSubmodalities
Bird Dog Lyrics
California LyricsSubmodalities
Call The Doctor LyricsSubmodalities
Caterpillar Crawl LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
Christmas Eve LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
Crazy LyricsP.S. I love you
Destiny LyricsSubmodalities
Do Wah Diddy Diddy LyricsIt's a Wonderful World
Dogs Is Dogs LyricsIt's a Wonderful World
Don't Judge This Book LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
Don´t Walk Away LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Earl The Christmas Squirrel LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
Frustration LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Girl I'm Gonna Get You LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Girl Of My Dreams LyricsP.S. I love you
Grandma Lyrics
Guns Of Love LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
How Would Jesus Feel LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
I Don't Want You To Want Me LyricsSubmodalities
I Think I'm Falling In Love LyricsIt's a Wonderful World
I Think She Likes Me LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
If Life Is So Short LyricsP.S. I love you
I´ll Be There For You LyricsP.S. I love you
Jump LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Just Another Phase LyricsSubmodalities
Life On Mars LyricsSubmodalities
Love LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Mama Never Told Me 'bout You LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
Misery LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Miss You Like Crazy LyricsP.S. I love you
Now And Forever LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
Oh What A Wonderful Day LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
Old Man Winter LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
Santa Knows LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
Santa's In My Neighbourhood LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
Say'n I Love You LyricsP.S. I love you
Spy LyricsSubmodalities
The Brigtest Star LyricsA Moffatt Christmas
This Boy LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
Typical LyricsSubmodalities
Until You Loved Me LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
We Are Young LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
We're Off To The Rodeo LyricsIt's a Wonderful World
When God Made You LyricsThe Moffatts Album Tracklist
Wild At Heart LyricsChapter 1-A New Beginning
The Moffatts lyrics Video Album

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