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Song lyrics by The Haunted. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like The Haunted. Get one of the 64 lyrics and watch the video by artist The Haunted.

The Haunted lyrics Video Album
99 LyricsREVOLVEr
Abysmal LyricsREVOLVEr
All Against All LyricsREVOLVEr
Blood Rust LyricsThe Haunted
Bloodletting LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Bullet Hole LyricsThe Haunted
Burnt To A Shell LyricsREVOLVEr
Bury Your Dead LyricsMade Me Do It
Ceremony LyricsVersus
Chasm LyricsThe Haunted
Choke Hold LyricsThe Haunted
Crusher LyricsVersus
DOA LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Downward Spiral LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Everlasting LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Faultline LyricsVersus
Forensick LyricsThe Haunted
Godpuppet LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Hate Song LyricsThe Haunted
Hollow Ground LyricsMade Me Do It
Human Debris LyricsMade Me Do It
Imperial Death March LyricsVersus
In Vein LyricsThe Haunted
Iron Mask LyricsVersus
Leech LyricsMade Me Do It
Liquid Burns LyricsREVOLVEr
Little Cage LyricsVersus
Moronic Colossus LyricsVersus
My Shadow LyricsREVOLVEr
No Compromise LyricsREVOLVEr
Nothing Right LyricsREVOLVEr
Now You Know LyricsThe Haunted
One Kill Wonder LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Pieces LyricsVersus
Revelation LyricsMade Me Do It
Sabotage LyricsREVOLVEr
Shadow World LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Shattered LyricsThe Haunted
Shithead LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Silencer LyricsMade Me Do It
Skuld LyricsVersus
Soul Fracture LyricsThe Haunted
Sweet Relief LyricsREVOLVEr
The Cynic LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Drowning LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Failure LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Fallout LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Flood LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Guilt Trip LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Medication LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Medusa LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Prosecution LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Reflection LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Shifter LyricsThe Dead Eye
The Stain LyricsThe Dead Eye
The World Burns LyricsMade Me Do It
Three Times LyricsThe Haunted
Trenches LyricsVersus
Trespass LyricsMade Me Do It
Undead LyricsThe Haunted
Under The Surface LyricsMade Me Do It
Urban Predator LyricsOne Kill Wonder
Victim Iced LyricsMade Me Do It
Who Will Decide LyricsREVOLVEr
The Haunted lyrics Video Album

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