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Song lyrics by The Corrs. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like The Corrs. Get one of the 95 lyrics and watch the video by artist The Corrs.
The Corrs lyrics

The Corrs lyrics Video Album
1999 Lyrics
A Love Divine LyricsJupiter Calling
All In A Day LyricsIn Blue
All The Love In The World LyricsIn Blue
Angel LyricsBorrowed Heaven
At Your Side LyricsIn Blue
Baby Be Brave LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Black Is The Colour LyricsHome
Borrowed Heaven LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Breathles Lyrics
Breathless LyricsBest Of The Corrs
Bring On The Night LyricsWhite Light
Bríd Óg Ní Mháille LyricsHome
Buachaill Ón Éirne LyricsHome
Bulletproof Love LyricsJupiter Calling
Butter Flutter LyricsJupiter Calling
Catch Me When I Fall LyricsWhite Light
Chasing Shadows LyricsJupiter Calling
Closer LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Confidence For Quiet LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Dear Life LyricsJupiter Calling
Dimming Of The Day LyricsHome
Don't Say You Love Me LyricsTalk on Corners
Dreams LyricsTalk on Corners
Ellis Island LyricsWhite Light
Even If LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Everybody Hurts (Unplugged) Lyrics
Forgiven Not Forgotten LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Give It All Up LyricsIn Blue
Give Me A Reason LyricsIn Blue
Goodbye LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Harmony LyricsWhite Light
Haste To The Wedding LyricsHome
Heart Like A Wheel LyricsHome
Heaven Knows LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Hideaway LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Hit My Ground Running LyricsJupiter Calling
Hopelessly Addicted LyricsTalk on Corners
Humdrum LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Hurt Before LyricsIn Blue
I Do What I Like LyricsWhite Light
I Never Loved You Anyway LyricsTalk on Corners
Intimacy LyricsTalk on Corners
Irresistable LyricsIn Blue
Kiss Of Life LyricsWhite Light
Leave Me Alone LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Lifting Me Lyrics
Little Wing LyricsTalk on Corners
Live Before I Die LyricsJupiter Calling
Long Night LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Love Gives Love Takes LyricsTalk on Corners
Love To Love You LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Miracle LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Moorlough Shore LyricsHome
My Lagan Love LyricsHome
No Go Baby LyricsJupiter Calling
No Good For Me LyricsTalk on Corners
No More Cry LyricsIn Blue
O Peggy Gordon, You Are My Darling Lyrics
Old Hag LyricsHome
Old Town LyricsHome
On My Father's Wings Lyrics
One Night LyricsIn Blue
Only When I Sleep LyricsTalk on Corners
Peggy Gordon LyricsHome
Queen Of Hollywood LyricsTalk on Corners
Radio LyricsBest Of The Corrs
Rain LyricsIn Blue
Road To Eden LyricsJupiter Calling
Runaway LyricsBest Of The Corrs
SOS LyricsJupiter Calling
Say LyricsIn Blue
Season Of Our Love LyricsJupiter Calling
Secret Life LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Silver Strand LyricsBorrowed Heaven
So Young LyricsTalk on Corners
So Young (K-Klass Remix) LyricsBest Of The Corrs
Somebody For Someone LyricsIn Blue
Someday LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
Son Of Solomon LyricsJupiter Calling
Spancill Hill LyricsHome
Stay LyricsWhite Light
Strange Romance LyricsWhite Light
Summer Sunshine LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Summer Wine Lyrics
The Right Time LyricsForgiven, not Forgotten
The Sun And The Moon LyricsJupiter Calling
Time Enough For Tears LyricsBorrowed Heaven
Toss The Feathers Lyrics
Unconditional LyricsWhite Light
What Can I Do? LyricsTalk on Corners
When He's Not Around LyricsTalk on Corners
White Light LyricsWhite Light
With Me Stay LyricsWhite Light
Would You Be Happier LyricsBest Of The Corrs
The Corrs lyrics Video Album

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