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Song lyrics by The Adicts. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like The Adicts. Get one of the 106 lyrics and watch the video by artist The Adicts.

The Adicts lyrics Video Album
4321 LyricsSound Of Music
A Mans Gotta Do LyricsSound Of Music
Aint Saturday Fun LyricsRise And Shine
All The Lucky People LyricsRise And Shine
Angel Lyrics27
Bad Boy LyricsSmart Alex
Bad Girl LyricsRollercoaster
Beauty Sleep Lyrics5th Overture
Black Sheep LyricsRise And Shine
Bog Lyrics27
Breakdown Lyrics27
California LyricsSmart Alex
Calling Calling LyricsSongs Of Praise
Change Lyrics5th Overture
Cheese Tomato Man LyricsRollercoaster
Chinese Takeaway LyricsSound Of Music
Cup Of Tea LyricsRise And Shine
Daggers Lyrics5th Overture
Daydreamers LyricsRollercoaster
Dicso LyricsSound Of Music
Distortion LyricsSongs Of Praise
Do It Lyrics27
Do It To Me LyricsRollercoaster
Dont Let Go Lyrics5th Overture
Dynasty LyricsSongs Of Praise
Easy Way Out LyricsSound Of Music
England LyricsSongs Of Praise
Eyes In The Back Of Your Head LyricsSound Of Music
Falling In Love Again LyricsRise And Shine
Football Fairy Story Lyrics27
F*** It Up Lyrics27
GIRL Lyrics27
Gangster LyricsLife Goes On
Get Adicted LyricsSongs Of Praise
Give Me More Lyrics27
Going Home Lyrics5th Overture
Goldfish LyricsRise And Shine
Hello Farewell Goodbye LyricsRollercoaster
Horrorshow LyricsAll The Young Droogs
How Sad LyricsSound Of Music
Hurt LyricsSongs Of Praise
I Am Yours Lyrics5th Overture
I Dont Know If You Dont Know LyricsRise And Shine
I Love You But Don't Come Near Me LyricsLife Goes On
I Want To Marry A Light House Keeper LyricsRise And Shine
I'm Not Scared Of You LyricsLife Goes On
Im So Cool LyricsRise And Shine
In The Background LyricsSongs Of Praise
Jelly Baby LyricsSmart Alex
Johnny Was A Soldier LyricsSound Of Music
Joker In The Pack LyricsSound Of Music
Just Like Me LyricsSongs Of Praise
Lets Have A Party LyricsRollercoaster
Lets Go LyricsSound Of Music
Life Goes On LyricsLife Goes On
Love Sucks Lyrics27
Lullaby LyricsSound Of Music
Madhatter LyricsRise And Shine
Make My Day LyricsRollercoaster
Mary Whitehouse LyricsSongs Of Praise
Maybe Or Maybe Not LyricsSmart Alex
Men In Black LyricsRollercoaster
Mr. Hard LyricsLife Goes On
Na Na Na Lyrics5th Overture
Numbers LyricsSongs Of Praise
Over There LyricsLife Goes On
Peculiar Music LyricsSongs Of Praise
Popcorn LyricsRise And Shine
Put Yourself In My Hands Lyrics5th Overture
Reaky Deaky Boys & Girls LyricsLife Goes On
Rockers With Rags Lyrics27
Rockin Wrecker LyricsSmart Alex
Rollercoaster LyricsRollercoaster
Rossini Lyrics27
Runaway LyricsSmart Alex
Sensitive LyricsSongs Of Praise
Seven Twenty-seven Lyrics27
Shake Rattle Bang Your Head LyricsSound Of Music
ShangriLa Lyrics27
Shes A Rocker Lyrics5th Overture
Shiney Shiney LyricsRise And Shine
Smart Alex LyricsSmart Alex
Soldier LyricsRise And Shine
Something You Need LyricsRollercoaster
Songs Of Praise LyricsSongs Of Praise
Sound Of Music LyricsSongs Of Praise
Spank Me Baby LyricsLife Goes On
Steamroller LyricsSound Of Music
Sure Looks Pretty Lyrics5th Overture
Swat Her LyricsRise And Shine
Tango LyricsSongs Of Praise
Telephatic People LyricsSongs Of Praise
Thats Happiness Lyrics27
The Whole World Gone Mad LyricsLife Goes On
Tokyo LyricsSmart Alex
Too Much Of A Good Thing Lyrics5th Overture
Too Young Lyrics
Troubadour LyricsSmart Alex
Two Timing Me Lyrics5th Overture
Viva La Revolution LyricsSongs Of Praise
We Ain't Got A Say LyricsLife Goes On
We Looked Back LyricsRise And Shine
What Am I To Do Lyrics27
Who Spilt My Beer LyricsSongs Of Praise
Woke Up This Morning LyricsRise And Shine
Youth LyricsRollercoaster
The Adicts lyrics Video Album

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