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Song lyrics by Sky Ferreira. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Sky Ferreira. Get one of the 50 lyrics and watch the video by artist Sky Ferreira.

Sky Ferreira lyrics Video Album
108 LyricsAs If! (EP)
17 Lyrics17 (Single)
24 Hours LyricsNight Time, My Time
99 Tears LyricsAs If! (EP)
Ain't Your Right LyricsNight Time, My Time
American Dream LyricsUnreleased
Animal (Miike Snow Cover) LyricsCovers
Bang Bang (feat. 2Cellos) Lyrics... featuring Sky Ferreira
Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Cover) LyricsCovers
Boys LyricsNight Time, My Time
Elevator LyricsUnreleased
Everything Is Embarrassing LyricsNight Time, My Time: B-Sides part 1
Femme Fatale LyricsUnreleased
Ghost LyricsGhost (EP)
Great Mistake LyricsUnreleased
Guardian LyricsUnreleased
Hallucination LyricsUnreleased
Happy Dre (The Beatles Cover) LyricsCovers
Haters Anonymous LyricsAs If! (EP)
Heavy Metal Heart LyricsNight Time, My Time
I Blame Myself LyricsNight Time, My Time
I Can't Say No To Myself LyricsNight Time, My Time: B-Sides part 1
I Will LyricsNight Time, My Time
I'm On Top LyricsNight Time, My Time: B-Sides part 1
Kristine LyricsNight Time, My Time
Lick My Twit LyricsUnreleased
Lolita LyricsUnreleased
Lost In My Bedroom LyricsGhost (EP)
Love In Stereo LyricsNight Time, My Time
My Space LyricsUnreleased
Night Time, My Time LyricsNight Time, My Time
Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) LyricsNight Time, My Time
Obsession LyricsObsession (Single)
Omanko LyricsNight Time, My Time
On The Wire LyricsUnreleased
One LyricsOne (Single)
Paper Doll LyricsUnreleased
Red Lips LyricsGhost (EP)
Sad Dream LyricsGhost (EP)
Sex Rules LyricsAs If! (EP)
Shiny Toy LyricsUnreleased
Stand Back (Stevie Nicks Cover) LyricsCovers
Too Many Boys LyricsUnreleased
Touch And Go LyricsUnreleased
Traces LyricsAs If! (EP)
Untouchable / Hot Chick LyricsUnreleased
Werewolf (I Like You) LyricsNight Time, My Time: B-Sides part 1
Whatcha Gonna Do LyricsUnreleased
Wish I Stayed (Ellie Goulding Cover) LyricsCovers
You're Not The One LyricsNight Time, My Time
Sky Ferreira lyrics Video Album

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