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"C" Moon Cry Like A Baby LyricsSparkle In The Rain 1984
"Speed Your Love To Me" LyricsSparkle In The Rain 1984
"Street Hassle" LyricsSparkle In The Rain 1984
A Life Shot In Black And White LyricsBlack & White 050505
African Skies LyricsReal Life
Alive And Kicking LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
All For You LyricsLife In A Day
All The Things She Said LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
All Tomorrows Parties LyricsNeon Lights
And The Band Played On LyricsGood News from the Next World
Banging On The Door LyricsReal Life
Belfast Child LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Big Sleep LyricsNew Gold Dream
Biko LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Blood Diamonds LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Blood Type O LyricsGraffiti Soul
Book Of Brilliant Things LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Bring On The Dancing Horses LyricsNeon Lights
Broken Glass Park LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Cacophony LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Calling Your Name LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Capital City LyricsEmpires And Dance
Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase) LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Celebrate LyricsEmpires And Dance
Changeling LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Chelsea Girl LyricsLife In A Day
Christine LyricsGraffiti Soul
Citizen (Dance Of Youth) LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel LyricsNew Gold Dream
Come A Long Way LyricsOnce Upon A Time
Constantinople Line LyricsEmpires And Dance
Criminal World LyricsGood News from the Next World
Cry LyricsCry
Cry Again LyricsCry
Dance To The Music Lyrics
Dancing Barefoot LyricsNeon Lights
Death By Chocolate LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Destiny LyricsLife In A Day
Different World LyricsBlack & White 050505
Disconnected LyricsCry
Dolphins LyricsBlack & White 050505
Don´t You Forget About Me LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
East At Easter LyricsSparkle In The Rain 1984
Face In The Sun LyricsCry
Factory LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Film Theme LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
For Your Pleasure LyricsNeon Lights
Get A Grip LyricsGraffiti Soul
Ghostdancing LyricsOnce Upon A Time
Ghostrider LyricsReal Life
Glitterball LyricsNeapolis
Gllittering Prize LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Gloria LyricsNeon Lights
Graffiti Soul LyricsGraffiti Soul
Great Leap Forwards LyricsGood News from the Next World
Happy Is The Man LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Hello LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Hello, I Love You LyricsNeon Lights
Home LyricsBlack & White 050505
Homosapien LyricsNeon Lights
Hunter And The Hunted LyricsNew Gold Dream
Hypnotised LyricsGood News from the Next World
I Travel LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
I Wish You Were Here LyricsOnce Upon A Time
If I Had Wings LyricsNeapolis
Jeweller To The Stars LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Kick It In LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Killing Andy Warhol LyricsNeapolis
King Is White And In The Crowd LyricsNew Gold Dream
Kiss & Fly LyricsGraffiti Soul
Kiss The Ground LyricsBlack & White 050505
Lazy Lately LyricsCry
Let It All Come Down LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Let The Children Speak LyricsReal Life
Let The Day Begin LyricsGraffiti Soul
Let There Be Love LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Life In Day LyricsLife In A Day
Light Travels LyricsGraffiti Soul
Lightning LyricsNeapolis
Love Song LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Mandela Day LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Mighty Joe Moon Lyrics
Moscow Underground LyricsGraffiti Soul
Murder Story LyricsLife In A Day
My Life LyricsGood News from the Next World
Naked Eye LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Neon Cowboys LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Neon Lights LyricsNeon Lights
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
New Sunshine Morning LyricsCry
Night Music LyricsGood News from the Next World
No Cure LyricsLife In A Day
Oh Jungleland LyricsOnce Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
One Step Closer LyricsCry
Peace, Love And Understanding LyricsGraffiti Soul
Pleasantly Disturbed LyricsLife In A Day
Premonition LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Promised You A Miracle LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Real Life LyricsReal Life
Real To Real LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Rivers Of Ice LyricsReal Life
Rockets LyricsGraffiti Soul
Rockin' In The Free World LyricsGraffiti Soul
Room LyricsEmpires And Dance
Sad Affair LyricsLife In A Day
Sanctify Yourself LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Scar LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
See The Lights LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Seven Deadly Sins LyricsGood News from the Next World
She Knows LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
She's A River LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Slave Nation LyricsCry
Sleeping LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Sleeping Girl LyricsCry
Sloop John B. LyricsGraffiti Soul
Someone LyricsLife In A Day
Someone Somewhere In Summertime LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Song For The Tribes LyricsNeapolis
Song From Under The Floorboards LyricsGraffiti Soul
Soul Crying Out LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Space LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Spaceface LyricsCry
Stand By Love LyricsGlittering Prize 81/92
Stars Will Lead The Way LyricsGraffiti Soul
Stay Visible LyricsBlack & White 050505
Stranger LyricsBlack & White 050505
Street Fighting Years LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Sugar LyricsCry
Sun City Lyrics
Superman V Supersoul LyricsNeapolis
Swimming Towards The Sun LyricsOur Secrets Are The Same
Take A Step Back LyricsStreet Fighting Years
Teardrop LyricsGraffiti Soul
Tears Of A Guy LyricsNeapolis
The American LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
The Jeweller Part 2 LyricsBlack & White 050505
The Kick Inside Of Me LyricsSparkle In The Rain 1984
The Man Who Sold The World LyricsNeon Lights
The Needle And The Damage Done LyricsNeon Lights
Thirty Frames A Second LyricsEmpires And Dance
This Fear Of Gods LyricsEmpires And Dance
This Is It LyricsGraffiti Soul
This Is Your Land LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
This Time LyricsGood News from the Next World
Today I Died Again LyricsEmpires And Dance
Travelling Man LyricsReal Life
Twist Run Repulsion LyricsEmpires And Dance
Underneath The Ice LyricsBlack & White 050505
Up On The Catwalk LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Veldt LyricsReal To Real Cacophony
Wall Of Love LyricsStreet Fighting Years
War Babies LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
Wasteland LyricsLife In A Day
Waterfront LyricsCelebrate: The Greatest Hits
When Two Worlds Collide LyricsReal Life
Whiskey In The Jar LyricsGraffiti Soul
White Hot Day LyricsSparkle In The Rain 1984
Woman LyricsReal Life
Simple Minds lyrics Video Album

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