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Song lyrics by Showaddywaddy. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Showaddywaddy. Get one of the 87 lyrics and watch the video by artist Showaddywaddy.

Showaddywaddy lyrics Video Album
'68 Teenage Queen LyricsRed Star
(You're My) Soul & Inspiration LyricsLiving Legends
(You've Got) Personality LyricsRed Star
A Little Bit Of Soap LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
A Night At Daddy Gee's LyricsCrepes & Drapes
Always & Ever LyricsBright Lights
Big Big Star LyricsStep Two
Blue Jean Baby LyricsStep Two
Blue Moon LyricsThe Very Best Of
Bony Moronie LyricsShowaddywaddy
Chain Gang LyricsStep Two
Cool Cool Cat LyricsBright Lights
Cutie LyricsShowaddywaddy
Dancin' Party LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Don't Turn Your Back On Me Baby LyricsShowaddywaddy
Doo Wah Diddy LyricsThe Very Best Of
Feelin' LyricsRed Star
Fooling Around With My Heart LyricsLiving Legends
Footsteps LyricsGood Times
Glory Woman LyricsShowaddywaddy
Go Johnny Go LyricsTrocadero
Good Timin' LyricsGood Times
Goody Goody LyricsLiving Legends
Gypsy Rose Lee LyricsGood Times
Heartbeat LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Heavenly LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Hey Little Girl LyricsLiving Legends
Hey Mr. Christmas Lyrics
Hey Rock And Roll LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
I Appreciate The Job LyricsCrepes & Drapes
I Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll No More LyricsGood Times
I Wanna Take You Home LyricsBright Lights
I Wonder Why LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
I'll Never Get Over You LyricsBright Lights
If You Know What I Mean LyricsStep Two
In Above Your Head LyricsRed Star
Johnny Remember Me LyricsShowaddywaddy
Just A Country Boy LyricsCrepes & Drapes
King Of The Jive LyricsShowaddywaddy
Listen To Me LyricsRed Star
Little Ole Wine Drinker LyricsLiving Legends
Lookin' Back LyricsTrocadero
Lost LyricsCrepes & Drapes
Lucy Jane (Part 2) LyricsRed Star
Maybe Maybe Maybe LyricsRed Star
Mona Lisa LyricsLiving Legends
Multiplication LyricsThe Very Best Of
Only Love LyricsBright Lights
Paint Your Picture LyricsTrocadero
Party Time LyricsGood Times
Pretty Little Angel Eyes LyricsThe Very Best Of
Pretty Little One LyricsGood Times
Remember Then LyricsThe Very Best Of
Rock & Roll Music LyricsTrocadero
Rock 'n' Roll Lady LyricsThe Very Best Of
Runaway Girl LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Say Mama LyricsTrocadero
Sea Cruise LyricsCrepes & Drapes
Sing On Louise LyricsStep Two
Smiling Eyes LyricsStep Two
Somethin' Else LyricsRed Star
Swansong LyricsRed Star
Sweet & Innocent You LyricsTrocadero
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Sweet Music LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Take Me In Your Arms LyricsTrocadero
Teen Canteen LyricsBright Lights
That's Alright With Me LyricsCrepes & Drapes
That's Rock 'n' Roll LyricsCrepes & Drapes
The Latest Craze LyricsStep Two
The Party LyricsShowaddywaddy
Then Came You LyricsBright Lights
Things LyricsLiving Legends
Three Stars / Rave On LyricsStep Two
Three Steps To Heaven LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Tossin' & Turnin' LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Trocadero LyricsThe Very Best Of
Twist & Shout LyricsCrepes & Drapes
Under The Moon Of Love LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Weekend LyricsGood Times
When LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp-A-Bomp-A-Bomp) LyricsLiving Legends
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts LyricsThe Very Best Of
Win Your Heart LyricsCrepes & Drapes
Windows LyricsShowaddywaddy
Wonderful Dream LyricsBright Lights
You Got What It Takes LyricsThe One & Only (Greatest & Latest)
Showaddywaddy lyrics Video Album

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