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Song lyrics by Shok Paris. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Shok Paris. Get one of the 30 lyrics and watch the video by artist Shok Paris.

Shok Paris lyrics Video Album
Away Too Long LyricsConcrete Killers
Burn It Down LyricsGo for the Throat
Caged Tiger LyricsGo for the Throat
Can't Fight The Evil LyricsGo for the Throat
Castle Walls LyricsSteel and Starlight
Chosen Ones LyricsGo for the Throat
Concrete Killers LyricsConcrete Killers
Exhibit A LyricsSteel and Starlight
Fallin' For You LyricsSteel and Starlight
Find A Way Out LyricsConcrete Killers
Get It Right LyricsConcrete Killers
Go Down Fighting LyricsSteel and Starlight
Go For The Throat LyricsGo for the Throat
Hold Out LyricsConcrete Killers
Hot On Your Heels LyricsSteel and Starlight
In The Dark LyricsConcrete Killers
Lost Queen LyricsSteel and Starlight
Marsielles De Sade + Battle Cry LyricsGo for the Throat
Memories LyricsConcrete Killers
Never Say Why LyricsGo for the Throat
On Your Feet LyricsSteel and Starlight
On A Wing And A Prayer LyricsGo for the Throat
One War With The World LyricsConcrete Killers
Rocked Outta Love LyricsSteel and Starlight
Run But Don't Hide LyricsGo for the Throat
Steel And Starlight LyricsSteel and Starlight
The American Dream LyricsConcrete Killers
The Heat And The Fire LyricsConcrete Killers
Tokyo Rose LyricsSteel and Starlight
Windows LyricsConcrete Killers
Shok Paris lyrics Video Album

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