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Song lyrics by Shadow Host. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Shadow Host. Get one of the 37 lyrics and watch the video by artist Shadow Host.

Shadow Host lyrics Video Album
Apocalypse Within LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
Back To The Shadowland LyricsBringer of Revenge
Before The Storm LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Beware Your Dreams LyricsBringer of Revenge
Beyond The Line LyricsNeverland
Blinded By Greed LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
Bringer Of Revenge (Intro) + Wicked Curse LyricsBringer of Revenge
Condemned LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Darkness Descends LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Demon Hunter LyricsBringer of Revenge
Divide And Rule LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
Dragonfire's Burning LyricsNeverland
Dying Beauty LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Echo Of Sunrise LyricsNeverland
Eye For An Eye LyricsBringer of Revenge
Facing The Truth LyricsBringer of Revenge
Final Prophecy LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Follow The Madness LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Forgotten Words LyricsNeverland
Forsaken One LyricsBringer of Revenge
Guardians Of The Wretched LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
In The Mirrorland LyricsNeverland
Lunacy Divine LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
No Chance To Survive LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
Nothing Left Behind LyricsNeverland
Reborn In Hate LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
Secret Left Untold LyricsBringer of Revenge
Seeds Of Sorrow LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
Silent Killing LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
The Angeleye LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
The Call Of Unknown LyricsNeverland
The Hour Of Damnation LyricsCurse of the Angeleye
The Inviolable Balance LyricsNeverland
The Last Hope LyricsNeverland
Treason LyricsApocalyptic Symphony
Twilight Of The Gods LyricsNeverland
Visions LyricsNeverland
Shadow Host lyrics Video Album

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