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Song lyrics by Seventh Avenue. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Seventh Avenue. Get one of the 76 lyrics and watch the video by artist Seventh Avenue.

Seventh Avenue lyrics Video Album
A Step Between The World Lyrics
A Step Between The Worlds LyricsBetween the Worlds
Angel Eyes LyricsBetween the Worlds
Authorities LyricsTerium
Battle For Destiny LyricsEternals
Betrayal LyricsTerium
Beyond The Ocean (Intro) LyricsBetween the Worlds
Big City Sharks LyricsSouthgate
Brighter Than The Sun LyricsTerium
Burning Heart LyricsBetween the Worlds
Carol LyricsSouthgate
Children LyricsRainbowland
Crowd In The Dark LyricsTerium
Die LyricsRainbowland
Domination Of Sin LyricsEternals
Eternals LyricsEternals
Father LyricsSouthgate
Funeral Speech LyricsRainbowland
Future Tale LyricsEternals
Futures Dawn LyricsTerium
Goodbye LyricsSouthgate
Grave Of Heart LyricsTales of Tales
Hands Of The King LyricsTerium
Heart In Your Hand LyricsSouthgate
Heaven Can't Wait LyricsEternals
Heavens Tears LyricsTales of Tales
Hunger For Life LyricsEternals
Infinite King LyricsEternals
Innocence LyricsTerium
Iron Man LyricsTales of Tales
Juggler Of Words LyricsEternals
Just Believe LyricsRainbowland
Levy Your Soul From Hate LyricsBetween the Worlds
Love Goes LyricsRainbowland
Loving You LyricsRainbowland
Loving You (Metal Version) * LyricsRainbowland
May The Best One Win LyricsSouthgate
Nameless Child LyricsSouthgate
Needs LyricsTerium
New Era LyricsTerium
On The Road Again LyricsRainbowland
One Life Ends LyricsBetween the Worlds
Open Your Mind LyricsBetween the Worlds
Pink Elephant LyricsTales of Tales
Pray LyricsRainbowland
Priests And Servants LyricsTerium
Prince Of Peace LyricsRainbowland
Protection Of Fool LyricsSouthgate
Puppet Of The Mighty LyricsSouthgate
Raging Fire LyricsEternals
Rainbowland LyricsRainbowland
Remission LyricsEternals
Rest In Peace LyricsRainbowland
Sailing LyricsTales of Tales
Seventh Avenue Until You Come Again Lyrics
Seventh Avenue Wings Of Dawn Lyrics
Southgate LyricsSouthgate
Storm II LyricsBetween the Worlds
Storm III LyricsEternals
Tale Of The Forgotten Dreams LyricsBetween the Worlds
Tales Of Tales LyricsTales of Tales
Temptation LyricsTales of Tales
Terium LyricsTerium
This Night LyricsTales of Tales
Time LyricsTales of Tales
Touch Of The Love Lyrics
Touch Of Your Love LyricsBetween the Worlds
Trail Of Blood LyricsTerium
Two Masters LyricsTerium
Under The Surface LyricsTerium
Until You Come Again LyricsBetween the Worlds
Voices LyricsEternals
Way To Paradise ('95 Version) LyricsRainbowland
Way To The Stars LyricsTerium
Where Are You? LyricsTales of Tales
Wings Of Dawn LyricsBetween the Worlds
Seventh Avenue lyrics Video Album

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