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Song lyrics by Savatage. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Savatage. Get one of the 127 lyrics and watch the video by artist Savatage.

Savatage lyrics Video Album
24 Hrs Ago LyricsHall of the Mountain King
A Little Too Far LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Agony And Ecstasy LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
All That I Bleed LyricsEdge of Thorns
Alone You Breathe LyricsHandful of Rain
Another Way LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Anymore LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Awaken LyricsPoets And Madmen
Back To Reason LyricsPoets And Madmen
Believe LyricsBelieve
Beyond The Doors Of The Dark LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Blackjack Guillotine LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
By The Grace Of The Witch LyricsThe Dungeons Are Calling
Can You Hear Me Now LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Castles Burning LyricsHandful of Rain
Chance LyricsHandful of Rain
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) LyricsDead Winter Dead
City Beneath The Surface LyricsThe Dungeons Are Calling
Commissar LyricsPoets And Madmen
Complaint In The System LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Conversation Piece LyricsEdge of Thorns
Criss Oliva Guitar Solo (live) LyricsBelieve
Crying For Love LyricsFight for the Rock
Damien LyricsEdge of Thorns
Day After Day (Badfinger Cover) LyricsFight for the Rock
Dead Winter Dead LyricsDead Winter Dead
Degrees Of Sanity LyricsEdge of Thorns
Devastation LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Doesn't Matter Anyway LyricsDead Winter Dead
Drive LyricsPoets And Madmen
Edge Of Thorns LyricsEdge of Thorns
Exit Music LyricsEdge of Thorns
Fight For The Rock LyricsFight for the Rock
Follow Me LyricsEdge of Thorns
Fountain Of Youth LyricsPower of the Night
Ghost In The Ruins LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Gutter Ballet LyricsGutter Ballet
Hall Of The Mountain King LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Handful Of Rain LyricsHandful of Rain
Hard For Love LyricsPower of the Night
He Carves His Stone LyricsEdge of Thorns
Holocaust LyricsSirens
Hounds LyricsGutter Ballet
Hyde LyricsFight for the Rock
I Am LyricsDead Winter Dead
I Believe LyricsSirens
I Seek Power LyricsPoets And Madmen
If I Go Away LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
In The Dream LyricsPower of the Night
Jesus Saves LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Labyrinths LyricsEdge of Thorns
Lady In Disguise LyricsFight for the Rock
Last Dawn LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Legions LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Lights Out LyricsEdge of Thorns
Living For The Night LyricsSirens
Man In The Mirror LyricsPoets And Madmen
Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro) LyricsDead Winter Dead
Mentally Yours LyricsGutter Ballet
Midas Knight LyricsThe Dungeons Are Calling
Miles Away LyricsEdge of Thorns
Morning Sun LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Morphine Child LyricsPoets And Madmen
Mozart And Madness LyricsDead Winter Dead
Necrophilia LyricsPower of the Night
New York City Dont Mean Nothing LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Not What You See LyricsDead Winter Dead
Nothings Going On LyricsHandful of Rain
Of Rage And War LyricsGutter Ballet
On The Run LyricsSirens
One Child LyricsDead Winter Dead
Out On The Streets LyricsFight for the Rock
Overture LyricsDead Winter Dead
Paragons Of Innocence LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Power Of The Night LyricsPower of the Night
Prelude To Madness LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Rage LyricsSirens
Red Light Paradise LyricsFight for the Rock
Sarajevo LyricsDead Winter Dead
Scream Murder LyricsSirens
She's Only Rock 'n Roll LyricsFight for the Rock
She's In Love LyricsGutter Ballet
Silk And Steel LyricsGutter Ballet
Sirens LyricsSirens
Skraggys Tomb LyricsEdge of Thorns
Skull Session LyricsPower of the Night
Sleep LyricsEdge of Thorns
Somewhere In Time / Believe LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
St Patricks LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Stare Into The Sun LyricsHandful of Rain
Starlight LyricsDead Winter Dead
Stay With Me A While LyricsPoets And Madmen
Strange Wings LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Streets LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Stuck On You LyricsPower of the Night
Summers Rain LyricsGutter Ballet
Surrender LyricsPoets And Madmen
Symmetry LyricsHandful of Rain
Taunting Cobras LyricsHandful of Rain
Temptation Revelation LyricsGutter Ballet
The Dungeons Are Calling LyricsThe Dungeons Are Calling
The Edge Of Midnight LyricsFight for the Rock
The Hourglass LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
The Ocean LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
The Price You Pay LyricsHall of the Mountain King
The Rumor LyricsPoets And Madmen
The Storm LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
The Unholy LyricsGutter Ballet
The Wake Of Magellan LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
The Whip LyricsThe Dungeons Are Calling
There In The Silence LyricsPoets And Madmen
This Is The Time 1990 LyricsDead Winter Dead
This Isnt What We Meant LyricsDead Winter Dead
Tonight He Grins Again / Strange Reality LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Turns To Me LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Twisted Little Sister LyricsSirens
Underture LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
Unusual LyricsPower of the Night
Visions LyricsThe Dungeons Are Calling
Warriors LyricsPower of the Night
Washed Out LyricsPower of the Night
Watching You Fall LyricsHandful of Rain
Welcome LyricsThe Wake Of Magellan
When The Crowds Are Gone LyricsGutter Ballet
White Witch LyricsHall of the Mountain King
Wishing Well (Free Cover) LyricsFight for the Rock
You're Alive / Sammy And Tex LyricsStreets: A Rock Opera
Savatage lyrics Video Album

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