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Song lyrics by Saturnus. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Saturnus. Get one of the 40 lyrics and watch the video by artist Saturnus.

Saturnus lyrics Video Album
A Father's Providence LyricsSaturn In Ascension
A Lonely Passage LyricsSaturn In Ascension
A Poem Written In Moonlight LyricsMartyre
All Alone LyricsRehearsal Studio Track
As We Dance The Paths Of Fire And Solace LyricsParadise Belongs To You
Astral Dawn LyricsParadise Belongs To You
Between LyricsSaturn In Ascension
Call Of The Raven Moon LyricsSaturn In Ascension
Christ Goodbye LyricsParadise Belongs To You
Descending LyricsVeronika Decides To Die
Drown My Sorrow LyricsMartyre
Embraced By Darkness LyricsRehearsal Studio Track
Empty Handed LyricsMartyre
For Your Demons LyricsFor The Loveless Lonely Nights
Forest Of Insomnia LyricsSaturn In Ascension
I Long LyricsRehearsal Studio Track
I Love Thee LyricsParadise Belongs To You
In Your Shining Eyes LyricsMartyre
Inflame Thy Heart LyricsMartyre
Litany Of Rain LyricsSaturn In Ascension
Loss (In Memoriam) LyricsMartyre
Lost My Way LyricsMartyre
Mourning Sun LyricsSaturn In Ascension
Murky Waters LyricsRehearsal Studio Track
Noir LyricsMartyre
Paradise Belongs To You LyricsParadise Belongs To You
Pilgrimage Of Sorrow LyricsParadise Belongs To You
Pretend LyricsVeronika Decides To Die
Rain Wash Me LyricsVeronika Decides To Die
Raven God LyricsRehearsal Studio Track
Rise Of Nakkiel LyricsFor The Loveless Lonely Nights
Seven LyricsMartyre
Softly On The Path You Fade LyricsMartyre
Starres LyricsFor The Loveless Lonely Nights
The Fall Of Nakkiel LyricsParadise Belongs To You
The Underworld LyricsParadise Belongs To You
Thou Art Free LyricsMartyre
Thus My Heart Weepeth For Thee LyricsMartyre
To The Dreams LyricsRehearsal Studio Track
Wind Torn LyricsSaturn In Ascension
Saturnus lyrics Video Album

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