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Song lyrics by Samain. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Samain. Get one of the 19 lyrics and watch the video by artist Samain.

Samain lyrics Video Album
Called To Reign LyricsVicious Circles
Child In The Dawn LyricsToday You're a Lion
Diamonds & Disgrace LyricsVibrations of Doom
Giant Man LyricsThunderbolt Giants
Gonna Swing My Chariot LyricsVibrations of Doom
Into The Daylight LyricsToday You're a Lion
No Time To Lose LyricsToday You're a Lion
Separation's Bitter Aftertaste (Shake Down Th.. LyricsToday You're a Lion
Seven Tears LyricsVibrations of Doom
Straight Hammered Creed LyricsVibrations of Doom
Thank The Aerosmith LyricsVibrations of Doom
The Fire Of Doom LyricsVicious Circles
The Metal Breaks My Senses LyricsVibrations of Doom
The Seal Of Jidda LyricsThunderbolt Giants
Thor LyricsThunderbolt Giants
Trampled Roses LyricsVicious Circles
Vibrations LyricsVibrations of Doom
Vicious Circles LyricsVicious Circles
Waste Land's Plead (Waste & Black) LyricsToday You're a Lion
Samain lyrics Video Album

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