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Song lyrics by Salamandra. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Salamandra. Get one of the 41 lyrics and watch the video by artist Salamandra.

Salamandra lyrics Video Album
1 Time To Change LyricsTime to Change
2 Eternal Moon LyricsTime to Change
3 Crusader LyricsTime to Change
4 Underworld Tale LyricsTime to Change
5 Leaving Me LyricsTime to Change
6 Dark Matter LyricsTime to Change
7 Lost Life LyricsTime to Change
8 Masters Of Rock LyricsTime to Change
9 Factor Zero LyricsTime to Change
Ancient Echoes LyricsImperatus
Atlantis LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Ave Imperator LyricsImperatus
Behind The Gate LyricsImperatus
Chimera LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Coming Back Home LyricsImperatus
Conquest Of Paradise LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Defence LyricsImperatus
Devil's Aprentice LyricsImperatus
Dreams Of The Fair LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Eternal Injustice LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Fading Desires LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Fire And Ice LyricsImperatus
Fool's Story LyricsImperatus
Heart Full Of Snow LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Imperatus LyricsImperatus
Legacy Of The Heroes LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Metal Fever LyricsImperatus
My Worst Enemy LyricsImperatus
Orion LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Requiem LyricsFaces Of Chimera
The Last Of All LyricsFaces Of Chimera
The Legend / Reign Of The Wicked LyricsSkarremar
The Lover / A Kiss Goodbye LyricsSkarremar
The Silence (Comes Before A Storm) LyricsSkarremar
The Sphinx LyricsImperatus
The Time / Go Back Through Ages LyricsSkarremar
The Toady / All Hope Abandon ... LyricsSkarremar
Traveller From Nowhere LyricsImperatus
Up For The Past And Future LyricsGreat moravian elegies
Victorius LyricsImperatus
War Of Evils LyricsFaces Of Chimera
Salamandra lyrics Video Album

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