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Song lyrics by Sacred Warrior. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Sacred Warrior. Get one of the 50 lyrics and watch the video by artist Sacred Warrior.

Sacred Warrior lyrics Video Album
Are You Ready LyricsWicked Generation
Beyond The Mountain LyricsMaster's Command
Black Metal LyricsRebellion
Bound In Chains LyricsMaster's Command
Children Of The Light LyricsRebellion
Day Of The Lord LyricsSacred Warrior
Desperately Wicked LyricsSacred Warrior
Evil Lurks LyricsMaster's Command
Fallen Hero LyricsSacred Warrior
Famine LyricsRebellion
Fear Me LyricsSacred Warrior
Fire From Heaven LyricsObsessions
He Died LyricsRebellion
Holy, Holy, Holy LyricsMaster's Command
In Dust And Ashes LyricsSacred Warrior
In The Night LyricsWicked Generation
Jealous Love LyricsSacred Warrior
Kamikaze LyricsObsessions
Little Secrets LyricsWicked Generation
Living Sacrifice LyricsSacred Warrior
Long Live The King LyricsSacred Warrior
Mad Man LyricsObsessions
Mad, Mad World LyricsRebellion
Many Will Come LyricsMaster's Command
Master Of Lies LyricsRebellion
Master's Command LyricsMaster's Command
Minister By Night LyricsWicked Generation
Miss Linda LyricsWicked Generation
No Happy Endings LyricsWicked Generation
Obsessions LyricsObsessions
Onward Warriors LyricsMaster's Command
Paradise LyricsMaster's Command
Rebellion LyricsRebellion
Remember Me LyricsObsessions
Sinking Sand LyricsSacred Warrior
Standing Free LyricsWicked Generation
Stay Away From Evil LyricsRebellion
Sweet Memories LyricsObsessions
Sword Of Victory LyricsRebellion
Temples On Fire LyricsSacred Warrior
The Flood LyricsMaster's Command
The Heaven's Are Calling LyricsRebellion
Turning Back LyricsObsessions
Uncontrolled LyricsMaster's Command
Unfailing Love LyricsMaster's Command
Waiting In Darkness LyricsSacred Warrior
War Torn Hero LyricsWicked Generation
Warriors LyricsWicked Generation
Wicked Generation LyricsWicked Generation
Wings Of A Dream LyricsObsessions
Sacred Warrior lyrics Video Album

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