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Song lyrics by Sabaton. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Sabaton. Get one of the 129 lyrics and watch the video by artist Sabaton.
Sabaton lyrics

Sabaton lyrics Video Album
1648 LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
1648 (english) LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
40-1 LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
7734 LyricsMetalizer
7734 (re-released) LyricsHeroes
A Lifetime Of War LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
A Light In The Black LyricsAttero Dominatus
A Secret LyricsThe Art Of War
Aces In Exile LyricsCoat of Arms
Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden Cover) LyricsThe Last Stand
All Guns Blazing (Bonus) LyricsThe Last Stand
All Guns Blazing (Bonus) (Judas Priest Cover) LyricsThe Last Stand
Angels Calling LyricsAttero Dominatus
Art Of War (Pre-Production Demo) LyricsThe Art of War (Re-armed)
Attero Dominatus LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Back In Control LyricsAttero Dominatus
Birds Of War LyricsMetalizer
Blood Of Bannockburn LyricsThe Last Stand
Burn Your Crosses LyricsMetalizer
Burn In Hell (Bonus) LyricsThe Last Stand
Burn In Hell (Bonus) (Twisted Sister Cover) LyricsThe Last Stand
Camouflage (Bonus) LyricsThe Last Stand
Camouflage (Bonus) (Stan Ridgway Cover) LyricsThe Last Stand
Carolus Rex LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Carolus Rex (english) LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Cliffs Of Gallipoli LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Coat Of Arms LyricsCoat of Arms
Counterstrike LyricsPrimo Victoria
Dead Soldier's Waltz LyricsPrimo Victoria (Re-Armed)
Diary Of An Unknown Soldier LyricsThe Last Stand
Dominium Maris Baltici LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Dream Destroyer LyricsMetalizer (Re-Armed)
En Hjältes Väg (Raubtier Cover) LyricsHeroes
En Livstid I Krig LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Endless Nights LyricsMetalizer
Ett Slag Färgat Rött LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Far From The Fame LyricsHeroes
Feuer Frei! (Rammstein Cover) LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
Firestorm LyricsThe Art Of War
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover) LyricsHeroes
Für Immer LyricsAttero Dominatus (Re-armed)
Ghost Division LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Glorious Land LyricsThe Art of War (Re-armed)
Gott Mit Uns LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Gott Mit Uns (english) LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
Guten Nacht LyricsFist For Fight
Hail To The King LyricsMetalizer
Harley From Hell LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Hearts Of Iron LyricsHeroes
Hellrider LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Hill 3234 LyricsThe Last Stand
In The Army Now (Status Quo Cover) LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
In The Name Of God LyricsAttero Dominatus
Inmate 4859 LyricsHeroes
Into The Fire LyricsPrimo Victoria
Introduction LyricsFist For Fight
Jawbreaker LyricsMetalizer (Re-Armed)
Karolinens Bön LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Killing Ground LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
Kingdom Come (Manowar Cover) LyricsMetal Hammer: Decades Of Destruction
Konungens Likfärd LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Last Dying Breath LyricsThe Last Stand
Lejonet Från Norden LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Long Live The King LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
Långa Bollar På Bengt LyricsAttero Dominatus (Re-armed)
Man Of War (Bonus Track) LyricsHeroes
Masters Of The World LyricsMetalizer
Metal Crüe LyricsAttero Dominatus
Metal Machine LyricsPrimo Victoria
Metal Medley LyricsAttero Dominatus (Re-armed)
Metal Ripper LyricsCoat of Arms
Metalizer LyricsMetalizer
Midway LyricsCoat of Arms
Night Witches LyricsHeroes
Nightchild LyricsAttero Dominatus (Re-armed)
No Bullets Fly LyricsHeroes
Nuclear Attack LyricsAttero Dominatus
Out Of Control (Batlle Beast Cover) LyricsHeroes
Panzer Battalion LyricsMetalizer (Re-Armed)
Panzerkampf LyricsThe Art Of War
Poltava LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Poltava (english) LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
Primo Victoria LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Primo Victoria (Demo Version) LyricsAttero Dominatus (Re-armed)
Purple Heart LyricsPrimo Victoria
Reign Of Terror LyricsPrimo Victoria
Resist And Bite LyricsHeroes
Rise Of Evil LyricsAttero Dominatus
Rorke's Drift LyricsThe Last Stand
Ruina Imperii LyricsCarolus Rex (Swedish Version)
Saboteurs LyricsCoat of Arms
Screaming Eagles LyricsCoat of Arms
Shadows LyricsMetalizer
Shiroyama LyricsThe Last Stand
Shotgun LyricsPrimo Victoria (Re-Armed)
Smoking Snakes LyricsHeroes
Soldier Of 3 Armies LyricsHeroes
Sparta LyricsThe Last Stand
Speeder LyricsMetalizer
Stalingrad LyricsPrimo Victoria
Sun Tzu Says LyricsThe Art Of War
Swedish National Anthem (Live) LyricsThe Art of War (Re-armed)
Swedish Pagans LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Talvisota LyricsThe Art Of War
The Art Of War LyricsThe Art Of War
The Ballad Of Bull LyricsHeroes
The Beast LyricsPrimo Victoria (Re-Armed)
The Caroleans Prayer LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
The Final Solution LyricsCoat of Arms
The Hammer Has Fallen LyricsMetalizer
The Last Battle LyricsThe Last Stand
The Last Stand LyricsThe Last Stand
The Lion From The North LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
The Lost Battalion LyricsThe Last Stand
The March To War LyricsPrimo Victoria (Re-Armed)
The Nature Of Warfare LyricsThe Art Of War
The Price Of A Mile LyricsThe Art Of War
Thundergods LyricsMetalizer
Thunderstorm LyricsMetalizer
To Hell And Back LyricsHeroes
Twilight Of The Thunder God (Amon Amarth Cove.. LyricsCarolus Rex (English Version)
Unbreakable LyricsThe Art Of War
Union LyricsThe Art Of War
Uprising LyricsCoat of Arms
We Burn LyricsAttero Dominatus
Wehrmacht LyricsCoat of Arms
White Death LyricsMetalus Hammerus Rex
Winged Hussars LyricsThe Last Stand
Wolfpack LyricsPrimo Victoria
Sabaton lyrics Video Album

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