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Root lyrics Video Album
Abaddon LyricsHell Symphony
Afterwards LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Aposiopesis LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
Asmodeus LyricsHell Symphony
Astaroth LyricsHell Symphony
Autumn LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Before I Leave LyricsThe Black Seal
Belial LyricsHell Symphony
Belzebub LyricsHell Symphony
Black Iris Černý Kosatec Lyrics
Black Seal LyricsThe Black Seal
Casilda's Song LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
Corabeu LyricsThe Book
Darkoutro - Message LyricsThe Book
Darksome Prophet LyricsHeritage Of Satan
Dum Vivimus, Vivamus LyricsKärgeräs
Dygon - Monstrosity LyricsKärgeräs
Endowment LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Equirhodont - Grandiose Magus LyricsKärgeräs
Fiery Message LyricsHeritage Of Satan
Greetings From The Abyss LyricsHeritage Of Satan
His Coming LyricsHeritage Of Satan
His Eyes Were Dark LyricsThe Black Seal
Human LyricsDaemon Viam Invenient
In The Heart Of Darkness LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Introprincipio LyricsHeritage Of Satan
Kärgeräs LyricsKärgeräs
Kärgeräs Prologue LyricsKärgeräs
Legacy Of Ancestors LyricsHeritage Of Satan
Leviathan LyricsHell Symphony
Liber Prohibitus LyricsThe Black Seal
Loki LyricsHell Symphony
Lucifer LyricsHell Symphony
Lykorian LyricsKärgeräs
Lykorian 2 LyricsThe Book
Madness Of The Graves LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Message LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
Moment Of Hope LyricsKärgeräs - Return From Oblivion
Moment Of Hope Chvíle Naděje Lyrics
My Deep Mystery LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
My Name LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
Nativity LyricsThe Black Seal
Necromancy LyricsThe Black Seal
Old Man LyricsKärgeräs
Old Woman LyricsKärgeräs
Omen LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Otvírání Hrobu LyricsMessengers from darkness (demo)
Prophet's Song LyricsKärgeräs
Remember Me! LyricsThe Book
Revenge Of Hell LyricsHeritage Of Satan
Rodäxx LyricsKärgeräs
Rootanův Pochod LyricsMessengers from darkness (demo)
Rullbräh LyricsKärgeräs
Salamandra LyricsThe Black Seal
Satan LyricsHell Symphony
Sedm Synů Satana LyricsWar Of Rats (demo)
Son Of Satan LyricsHeritage Of Satan
Talking Bones LyricsMadness Of The Graves
The Apocalypse LyricsHeritage Of Satan
The Birth LyricsThe Book
The Book LyricsThe Book
The Curse Durron LyricsThe Book
The Faith LyricsThe Black Seal
The Festival Of Destruction LyricsThe Black Seal
The Incantation Of Thessalonian Women LyricsThe Black Seal
The Last Gate LyricsMadness Of The Graves
The Message Of The Time LyricsThe Book
The Mirror Of Soul LyricsThe Black Seal
The Mysterical Words Of The Wise LyricsThe Book
The Old Ones LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
The Prayers LyricsHell Symphony
The Solitude LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
The Temple In The Underworld LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
Then LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Theriak LyricsThe Black Seal
Tree LyricsMadness Of The Graves
Trygan - Sexton LyricsKärgeräs
Voices From...The Wall LyricsThe Temple In The Underworld
Výslech LyricsZjevení
Why? LyricsThe Book
Zrození Rootanova Syna LyricsMessengers from darkness (demo)
Útěk A Trest LyricsMessengers from darkness (demo)
Root lyrics Video Album

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