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49er LyricsNarita
Alive In The City LyricsArmy of One
Altar Of The King LyricsFire Down Under
Angel LyricsRock City
Angel Eyes LyricsInishmore
Army Of One LyricsArmy of One
Babylon LyricsNightbreaker
Bad Machine LyricsSons of Society
Believe LyricsImmortal Soul
Black Leather And Glittering Steel LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Black Mountain Woman LyricsNightbreaker
Black Water LyricsInishmore
Blinded LyricsArmy of One
Blood Of The English LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Bloodstreets LyricsThundersteel
Born In America LyricsBorn in America
Born To Be Wild LyricsNarita
Bring The Hammer Down LyricsUnleash the Fire
Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) LyricsThundersteel
Burn (Deep Purple Cover) LyricsNightbreaker
Burn The Sun LyricsThrough the Storm
C.I.A. LyricsRestless Breed
Chains (Revolving) LyricsThrough the Storm
Cover Me LyricsSons of Society
Crawling LyricsImmortal Soul
Cry For The Dying LyricsInishmore
Dance Of Death LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Darker Side Of Light LyricsArmy of One
Desperation LyricsRock City
Destiny LyricsNightbreaker
Devil Woman (Cliff Richard Cover) LyricsBorn in America
Do It Up LyricsNarita
Don't Bring Me Down LyricsFire Down Under
Don't Hold Back LyricsFire Down Under
Dragonfire LyricsSons of Society
Dream Away LyricsRestless Breed
Echoes LyricsImmortal Soul
Essential Enemies LyricsThrough the Storm
Fall Before Me LyricsImmortal Soul
Fall From The Sky LyricsUnleash the Fire
Feel The Same LyricsFire Down Under
Fight Fight Fight LyricsUnleash the Fire
Fight Or Fall LyricsThundersteel
Fire Down Under LyricsFire Down Under
Flashbacks LyricsFire Down Under
Flight Of The Warrior LyricsThundersteel
Ghost Dance LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Glory Calling LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Gunfighter LyricsBorn in America
Gypsy LyricsInishmore
Gypsy Queen LyricsRock City
Hard Lovin' Man LyricsRestless Breed
Heart Of Fire LyricsRock City
Heavy Metal Machine LyricsBorn in America
Helpin' Hand LyricsArmy of One
Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles Cover) LyricsThrough the Storm
Here We Come Again LyricsNarita
Holy Land LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Hot For Love LyricsNarita
I'm On The Run LyricsNightbreaker
Immortal LyricsUnleash the Fire
Immortal Soul LyricsImmortal Soul
In Your Eyes LyricsNightbreaker
Inishmore LyricsInishmore
Inishmore (Forsaken Heart) LyricsInishmore
Insanity LyricsImmortal Soul
Isle Of Shadows LyricsThrough the Storm
It All Falls Down LyricsArmy of One
Johnny's Back LyricsThundersteel
Kick Down The Wall LyricsNarita
Kill To Survive LyricsUnleash the Fire
Killer LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Kings Are Falling LyricsInishmore
Knockin' At My Door LyricsArmy of One
Land Of The Rising Sun LyricsUnleash the Fire
Let It Show LyricsThrough the Storm
Liberty LyricsInishmore
Little Miss Death LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Loanshark LyricsRestless Breed
Lost Inside This World LyricsThrough the Storm
Loved By You LyricsRestless Breed
Magic Maker LyricsNightbreaker
Majestica LyricsImmortal Soul
Maryanne LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Medicine Man LyricsNightbreaker
Metal Soldiers LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Metal Warrior LyricsUnleash the Fire
Narita LyricsNarita
Nightbreaker LyricsNightbreaker
No Lies LyricsFire Down Under
On Wings Of Eagles LyricsThundersteel
On Your Knees LyricsThe Privilege of Power
On The Wings Of Life LyricsSons of Society
One More Alibi LyricsArmy of One
Only You Can Rock Me LyricsThrough the Storm
Out In The Fields LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Outlaw LyricsFire Down Under
Outlaw (re-recorded Version) LyricsNightbreaker
Over To You LyricsRestless Breed
Overdrive LyricsRock City
Promised Land LyricsBorn in America
Promises LyricsSons of Society
Racing With The Devil On A Spanish Highway LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Rain LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Restless Breed LyricsRestless Breed
Return Of The Outlaw LyricsUnleash the Fire
Ride Hard Live Free LyricsUnleash the Fire
Riot LyricsImmortal Soul
Road Racin' LyricsNarita
Rock City LyricsRock City
Rolling Thunder LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Run For Your Life LyricsThundersteel
Runaway LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Running From The Law LyricsBorn in America
Santa Maria LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Shenandoah LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
Shine LyricsArmy of One
Should I Run LyricsInishmore
Showdown LyricsRestless Breed
Sign Of The Crimson Storm LyricsThundersteel
Silent Scream LyricsNightbreaker
Sins Of The Father LyricsImmortal Soul
Snake Charmer LyricsSons of Society
Soldier LyricsNightbreaker
Somewhere LyricsSons of Society
Sons Of Society LyricsSons of Society
Stained Mirror LyricsArmy of One
Still Alive LyricsArmy of One
Still Your Man LyricsImmortal Soul
Storming The Gates Of Hell LyricsThe Privilege of Power
Swords And Tequila LyricsFire Down Under
Take Me Back LyricsUnleash the Fire
The Brethren Of The Long House LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
The Last Of The Mohicans - Elk Hunt LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
The Law LyricsSons of Society
The Man LyricsInishmore
The Mystic LyricsArmy of One
This Is What I Get LyricsRock City
Through The Storm LyricsThrough the Storm
Thundersteel LyricsThundersteel
Time To Bleed LyricsSons of Society
To My Head LyricsThrough the Storm
Tokyo Rose LyricsRock City
Turn The Tables LyricsThrough the Storm
Turning The Hands Of Time LyricsInishmore
Twist Of Fate LyricsSons of Society
Unleash The Fire LyricsUnleash the Fire
Until We Meet Again LyricsUnleash the Fire
Vigilante Killer LyricsBorn in America
Violent Crimes LyricsRestless Breed
Waiting For The Taking LyricsNarita
Warrior LyricsRock City
Watching The Signs LyricsInishmore
When I Was Young LyricsRestless Breed
Where Soldiers Rule LyricsBorn in America
Whiskey Man LyricsImmortal Soul
White Rock LyricsNarita
Wings Are For Angels LyricsImmortal Soul
Wings Of Fire LyricsBorn in America
Wounded Heart LyricsThe Brethren of the Long House
You Burn In Me LyricsBorn in America
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