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Song lyrics by Revocation. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Revocation. Get one of the 60 lyrics and watch the video by artist Revocation.

Revocation lyrics Video Album
A Debt Owed To The Grave LyricsDeathless
A Visitation LyricsRevocation
Across Forests And Fjords LyricsExistence Is Futile
Age Of Iniquity LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Alliance And Tyranny LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Anthem Of The Betrayed LyricsExistence Is Futile
Apex LyricsDeathless
Arch Fiend LyricsRevocation
Beloved Horrifier LyricsChaos of Forms
Bound By Desire LyricsTeratogenesis
Chaos Of Forms LyricsChaos of Forms
Conjuring The Cataclysm LyricsChaos of Forms
Cradle Robber LyricsChaos of Forms
Cretin LyricsChaos of Forms
Deathless LyricsDeathless
Deathonomics LyricsExistence Is Futile
Dethroned LyricsChaos of Forms
Dismantle The Dictator LyricsExistence Is Futile
Dissolution Ritual LyricsChaos of Forms
Empire Of The Obscene LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Enter The Hall LyricsExistence Is Futile
Entombed By Wealth LyricsRevocation
Exhumed Identity LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Existence Is Futile LyricsExistence Is Futile
Fields Of Predation LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Fracked LyricsRevocation
Fractal Entity LyricsChaos of Forms
Harlot LyricsChaos of Forms
Invidious LyricsRevocation
Labyrinth Of Eyes LyricsDeathless
Leviathan Awaits LyricsExistence Is Futile
Madness Opus LyricsDeathless
Maniacally Unleashed LyricsTeratogenesis
No Funeral LyricsChaos of Forms
None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared) LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Numbing Agents LyricsRevocation
Pestilence Reigns LyricsExistence Is Futile
Re-Animaniac LyricsExistence Is Futile
Reprogrammed LyricsChaos of Forms
Scattering The Flock LyricsRevocation
Scorched Earth Policy LyricsDeathless
Spastic LyricsRevocation
Spurn The Outstretched Hand LyricsTeratogenesis
Stillness LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Suffer These Wounds LyricsSummon the Spawn
Summon The Spawn LyricsSummon the Spawn
Sworn To The Black (Morbid Angel Cover) LyricsDeathless
Tail From The Crypt LyricsEmpire of the Obscene
Teratogenesis LyricsTeratogenesis
The Blackest Reaches LyricsDeathless
The Brain Scramblers LyricsExistence Is Futile
The Fix LyricsDeathless
The Gift You Gave LyricsRevocation
The Grip Tightens LyricsTeratogenesis
The Hive LyricsRevocation
The Watchers LyricsChaos of Forms
Tragedy Of Modern Ages LyricsExistence Is Futile
Unattained LyricsSummon the Spawn
United In Helotry LyricsDeathless
Witch Trials LyricsDeathless
Revocation lyrics Video Album

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