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Song lyrics by Powerman 5000. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Powerman 5000. Get one of the 92 lyrics and watch the video by artist Powerman 5000.

Powerman 5000 lyrics Video Album
20 Miles To Texas 25 To Hell LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
20th Century Boy LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
A Is For Apathy LyricsTransform
A Swim With The Sharks LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Action LyricsTransform
All My Friends Are Ghosts LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
An Eye Is Upon You LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Assess The Mess LyricsTransform
Automatic LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Blast Off To Nowhere Feat Rob Zombie LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Bombshell LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
Builders Of The Future LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Candy-O LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Car Crash LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Construction Of The Masses Pt1 And 2 Into And.. LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Danger Is Go LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
Destroy What You Enjoy LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Devil Inside LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Do Your Thing LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Earth Vs Me LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Electric Avenue LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Enemies LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Even Superman Shot Himself LyricsThe Blood Splat Rating System
Even Superman Shot Himself Hidden Track LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Evil World LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Free LyricsTransform
Get Your Bones LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Good Times Roll LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Heads Will Roll LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Hey Thats Right LyricsTransform
Horror Show LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
How To Be A Human LyricsBuilders Of The Future
I Can't F***ing Hear You LyricsBuilders Of The Future
I Knew It LyricsTransform
I Want To Kill You LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Intelligent Creatures LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Invade, Destroy, Repeat LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Jump LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Live It Up Before You're Dead LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Make Us Insane LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Mega Kung Fu Radio LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Megatronic LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
Miss America LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Modern World LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Murder LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Neckbone LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Nobodys Real LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Now Thats Rock N Roll LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
One Thing Leads To Another LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Operate Annihilate LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Organizized LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Pop Muzik LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Public Menace Freak Human Fly LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Return To The City Of The Dead LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Should I Stay Or Should I Go LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Show Me What Youve Got LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Song About Nuthin LyricsTransform
Space Oddity LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Standing 8 LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Stereotype LyricsTransform
Super Villain LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Supernova Goes Pop LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
System 1111 LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Thats Entertaiment LyricsTransform
The Future That Never Was LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
The Meaning Of Life LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
The Shape Of Things To Come LyricsTransform
The End Of Everything LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
The One And Only LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
The Son Of X51 LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Theme To A Fake Revolution LyricsTransform
They Know Who You Are LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Time Bomb Baby LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Tokyo Vigilante 1 LyricsMega!! Kung Fu Radio
Tomorrow Is Yesterday LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
Tonight The Stars Revolt LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Top Of The World LyricsTransform
Transform LyricsTransform
Under The Milky Way LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
V Is For Vampire LyricsSomewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
Wake Up LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
Walking Disaster LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Watch The Sky For Me LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
We Want It All LyricsBuilders Of The Future
We're Not Gonna Take It LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
What The World Does LyricsAnyone for Doomsday?
When Worlds Collide LyricsTonight the Stars Revolt!
Whip It LyricsCopies Clones & Replicants
Who Do You Think You Are LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
Wild World LyricsDestroy What You Enjoy
You're Gonna Love It, If You Like It Or Not LyricsBuilders Of The Future
Powerman 5000 lyrics Video Album

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