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Song lyrics by Pharaoh. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Pharaoh. Get one of the 35 lyrics and watch the video by artist Pharaoh.

Pharaoh lyrics Video Album
After The Fire LyricsAfter the Fire
Be Gone LyricsBe Gone
Buried At Sea LyricsBe Gone
Burn With Me LyricsBury the Light
By The Night Sky LyricsThe Longest Night
Castles In The Sky LyricsBury the Light
Cover Your Eyes And Pray LyricsBe Gone
Cry LyricsBury the Light
Dark New Life LyricsBe Gone
Endlessly LyricsThe Longest Night
Fighting LyricsThe Longest Night
Flash Of The Dark LyricsAfter the Fire
Forever Free LyricsAfter the Fire
Graveyard Of Empires LyricsBury the Light
Heart Of The Enemy LyricsAfter the Fire
I Am The Hammer LyricsThe Longest Night
In Your Hands LyricsBury the Light
In The Violet Fire LyricsThe Longest Night
Leave Me Here To Dream LyricsBury the Light
Like A Ghost LyricsThe Longest Night
Never, Not Again LyricsAfter the Fire
No Remains LyricsBe Gone
Now Is The Time LyricsAfter the Fire
Rats And Rope LyricsBe Gone
Red Honor LyricsBe Gone
Slaves LyricsAfter the Fire
Solar Flight LyricsAfter the Fire
Speak To Me LyricsBe Gone
Sunrise LyricsThe Longest Night
Telepath LyricsBe Gone
The Longest Night LyricsThe Longest Night
The Spider's Thread LyricsBury the Light
The Wolves LyricsBury the Light
The Year Of The Blizzard LyricsBury the Light
Up The Gates LyricsThe Longest Night
Pharaoh lyrics Video Album

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