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Song lyrics by Pet Shop Boys. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Pet Shop Boys. Get one of the 159 lyrics and watch the video by artist Pet Shop Boys.
Pet Shop Boys lyrics

Pet Shop Boys lyrics Video Album
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E-Mail LyricsRelease
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For Your Own Good LyricsNightlife
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Here LyricsRelease
Here Psb New Extended Mix LyricsDisco 3
Hit And Miss LyricsB - Sides
Hit Music LyricsActually
Hold On LyricsElysium
Home And Dry LyricsRelease
Home And Dry Blank Jones Remix LyricsDisco 3
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously LyricsBehavior
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give I.. LyricsNightlife
I Get Along LyricsRelease
I Made My Excuses And Left LyricsFundamental
I Want A Dog LyricsIntrospective
I Want A Lover LyricsPlease
I Want To Wake Up LyricsActually
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing LyricsVery
I'm Not Scared LyricsIntrospective
I'm With Stupid LyricsFundamental
If Looks Could Kill LyricsDisco 3
In Denial Ft. Kylie Minogue LyricsNightlife
Indefinite Leave To Remain LyricsFundamental
Inner Sanctum LyricsSuper
Inside A Dream LyricsElectric
Integral LyricsFundamental
Into Thin Air LyricsSuper
Invisible LyricsElysium
It Always Comes As A Surprise LyricsBilingual
It Couldn't Happen Here LyricsActually
It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas Lyrics
It's A Sin LyricsActually
It's Alright LyricsIn Depth
Jealousy LyricsBehavior
King Of Rome LyricsYes
Kings Cross LyricsActually
Later Tonight LyricsPlease
Leaving LyricsElysium
Left To My Own Devices LyricsIntrospective
Legacy LyricsYes
Liberation LyricsVery
London LyricsRelease
London Genuine Piano Mix LyricsDisco 3
London Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit LyricsDisco 3
Love Comes Quickly LyricsPlease
Love Is A Bourgeois Construct LyricsElectric
Love Is A Catastrophe LyricsRelease
Love Etc. LyricsYes
Luna Park LyricsFundamental
Memory Of The Future LyricsElysium
Metamorphosis LyricsBilingual
Minimal LyricsFundamental
More Than A Dream LyricsYes
My October Symphony LyricsBehavior
Nervously LyricsBehavior
New York City Boy LyricsNightlife
Numb LyricsFundamental
One And One Make Five LyricsVery
One In A Million LyricsVery
One More Chance LyricsActually
One Of The Crowd LyricsIn Depth
Only The Wind LyricsBehavior
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) LyricsPlease
Pandemonium LyricsYes
Paninaro LyricsB - Sides
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Positive Role Model LyricsDisco 3
Psychological LyricsFundamental
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Rent LyricsActually
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Sad Robot World LyricsSuper
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Say It To Me LyricsSuper
Se A Vida é LyricsBilingual
Send Me An Angel LyricsB - Sides
Sexy Northerner Superchumbo Mix LyricsDisco 3
Shopping LyricsActually
Shouting In The Evening LyricsElectric
Single LyricsBilingual
So Hard LyricsBehavior
Somebody Elses Business LyricsDisco 3
Suburbia LyricsPlease
The Dead Can Dance' LyricsSay It To Me
The Dictator Decides LyricsSuper
The End Of The World LyricsBehavior
The Last To Die LyricsElectric
The Night I Fell In Love LyricsRelease
The Only One LyricsNightlife
The Pop Kids LyricsSuper
The Samurai In Autumn LyricsRelease
The Sodom And Gomorrah Show LyricsFundamental
The Survivors LyricsBilingual
The Theatre LyricsVery
The Way It Used To Be LyricsYes
The White Dress LyricsB - Sides
This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leav.. LyricsBehavior
Thursday LyricsElectric
Time On My Hands LyricsDisco 3
To Face The Truth LyricsBehavior
To Speak Is A Sin LyricsVery
To Step Aside LyricsBilingual
Tonight Is Forever LyricsPlease
Try It Im In Love With A Married Man LyricsDisco 3
Twentieth Century LyricsFundamental
Twenty - Something LyricsSuper
Two Divided By Zero LyricsPlease
Undertow LyricsSuper
Up Against It LyricsBilingual
Vampires LyricsNightlife
Violence LyricsPlease
Vocal LyricsElectric
Vulnerable LyricsYes
We're The Pet Shop Boys LyricsB - Sides
West End Girls LyricsPlease
What Have I Done To Deserve This LyricsActually
Why Don't We Live Together? LyricsPlease
Wiedersehen LyricsB - Sides
Winner LyricsElysium
Yesterday When I Was Mad LyricsVery
You Choose LyricsRelease
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drun.. LyricsNightlife
Young Offender LyricsVery
Your Early Stuff LyricsElysium
Your Funny Uncle LyricsIn Depth
Pet Shop Boys lyrics Video Album

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